How To Talk To Socialists About Four Star Dining


In the continuing battle for Chron food scribe Michael Bauer's soul comes this advice from Daniel Scherotter, Chef-Owner of FiDi Italian spot Palio D'Asti. A little background here: Bauer unwittingly prompted a wave of sniping comments last week after awarding his coveted four-stars to local dining heavyweight Michael Mina. Ten kazillion ranting comments later, things seem to have settled somewhat, with the crazies scuttling back to their dens to devour their own TV dinners and good intentions. But Scherotter's advice is still instructive, and hilarious:

When you're arguing with socialists, phrase things in language they can understand: Without MM's [Michael Mina's] perfectionist and labor intensive style of food and service, 100-plus people wouldn't have a job or be able to feed their families. The equivalent-sized steakhouse would have half the staff. The equivalent-sized taqueria would have a tenth the staff. Complain all you want about the existence of something you can't afford, but the people who can afford it are putting someone's kid through college by paying through the nose for trios of Kobe beef. But hey, if you want to eliminate 100 union jobs at a big chain hotel and replace it with a soup kitchen in an SRO, go ahead, ask Labor what they think about your elitist rant.

Take that, socialists!

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