Head To Head (To Tail) With Chris Cosentino

Gut-loving, mohawked Bay Area Chef Chris Cosentino of Incanto and Offal Good fame is in the Big Apple this week for his "Head to Tail Dinner" -- held last night at the Astor Center -- in its first time ever outside of Incanto. Anyway, Mediabistro's book publishing biz blog Galleycat snuck in for a face-to-face with Cosentino as he yakked away and dropped some characteristically salty wisdom about various animal innards he was preparing for the dinner: "If you're willing to kill it you should shut the fuck up and eat it all."

As a special treat for the squeamish, here are a few of the delicacies you missed on the Head To Tail Menu:

  • Porchetta di testa with radish and pecorino (that's marinated pig's head for the uninitiated)
  • Crudo of venison liver, with juniper, beets and balsamic
  • Beef heart tartar puttanesca

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