Coolio In The Kitchen: 'It's Time To Cook Biatch!'

For everyone who's ever wondered what the hell rapper Coolio has been up to since, oh 1995 or so (you know you have), when Gangsta's Paradise was the hip-hop shiznit, wonder no longer: he's been cooking, or at least that's what he's up to now. Yes, you're about to enter the world of Cookin With Coolio, in which the "ghetto witchdoctor superstar chef is here to make you forget about every cooking show you've ever heard."

On the menu today: Caprese Salad, the ingredients of which include a "Dime-bag of Salt," and a "Nickel-bag of pepper" -- fantastic voyage indeed. Best line:

"I will, for purposes of this show, chop this tomato, just so you can see that I know how to use my knife. I'm pretty good with this knife, and I'm pretty good with a sword, nunchucks and a pistol."

Here's to hoping he shoots a tomato next time. (via Serious Eats)

-- Brian Bernbaum

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