Presidential Hopefuls Politicize Bay Area Restaurants: Is Nothing Sacred?

With the presidential hopefuls stumping hard in the Bay Area, the question has reared its hungry head: where will they eat? But more importantly, where should they eat? Bill Clinton popped into Oakland's Everett & Jones barbecue for some finger-licking goodness last week in what turned out to be national news after his testy exchange with ABC7's Mark Matthews. Bay Area Bites takes up the topic in an exhaustive post, complete with image-appropriate dining suggestions for the candidates. Here's a smattering:

  • Hillary Clinton at A16 in the Marina, "a focal point for that not-too-young, not-too-edgy monied crowd. It's a popular place, it's a respected place, and it doesn't take chances."

  • Barack Obama at Delfina in the Mission, "because he'd feel the need to answer Hillary's Italian in kind, but in an edgier, hipper, younger neighborhood."

  • Mitt Romney at the Cheesecake Factory, "with such a large menu, no matter how many times he changes his mind, they'll be certain to have something for him." Heh. Zing!

  • Ron Paul doing the picnic thing in Golden Gate Park, "I see Ron Paul setting up a grill and cooler in Golden Gate Park and yelling at all the kids to stay off his lawn."

    Food and politics together. Oy, talk about heartburn.

    -- Brian Bernbaum

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