Charlie The Tuna Ain't Shit: Meet The "King of Sushi"

Last night "60 Minutes" aired a fascinating story about the global sushi market, focusing on the business of the giant, insanely expensive bluefin tuna, aptly known in Japan as the "King of Sushi." Click here to watch the entire 12-minute story online.

While offering some awe-inspiring visuals of the monstrous fish themselves along with the usual expertly-rendered storytelling that makes 60 Minutes so great (even after all these years), Vanity Fair's story from June 2007 -- "If You Knew Sushi" -- is a much more in-depth look behind the curtains of the sushi trade. As Eater points out, for even more reporting on this subject, pick up a copy of The Sushi Economy or The Zen of Fish.

The clip above finds correspondent Bob Simon in Sardinia to witness "la mattanza," an ancient tuna-fishing practice that's breathing its last gasps under the behemoth of the global sushi trade.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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