Minty Fresh II

So. After searching fruitlessly for the over-advertised 3 Musketeers Mint bar, I found that the thrill of the chase outweighed the thrill of the taste: my first 3 Musketeers Mint (a mini) did not taste like more.

But my first taste of Hershey’s Kisses filled with mint truffle did, indeed, taste like more, and induced in me a kind of lust that led me to the nearest Walgreens.

Where I discovered a two-bags-for-$2 promotion, and new frustration: the mint truffle Kisses were nowhere to be seen. There was a tag for the section of the candy rack where they were supposed to be, but the section contained the caramel-filled Kisses instead, an “everyday favorite,” according to Hershey’s, instead of a limited edition, as were the elusive mint truffles. (Remember the good/bad old days, when the only Kiss was a milk chocolate one? Before the science of branding required Dole to sell Pineosaurus and Banapup collectible plush toys [] as well as pineapples, and Coca-Cola [] was, well, limited to Coke? There are now seven Everyday Favorite Hershey Kisses, and, at the moment, 2 Limited Edition flavors, listed on their website, though wikipedia says “Hershey’s introduces and discontinues new flavors constantly,” and lists many more ['s_Kisses], including Orange Crème and Coconut Crème flavors I would love to try, and a Green Tea flavor that “may only be found in Asian markets,” and I think they mean literally in Asia, not in your corner Korean greenmarket or 99 Ranch. I think I am not spending enough time perusing drugstore candy racks.)
Once again I left the point-of-purchase without making a purchase.
But the next time I entered a Walgreens I indeed left with 2-bags-for-$2, despite the fact that once again the mint truffles were unavailable: one with the Kisses filled with chocolate truffle, and another of the second current Limited Edition flavors, Candy Cane Mint, red-and-white swirled, made from white chocolate (which, for those who care, is not really considered chocolate at all, by connoisseurs), and, for an extra texture thrill, containing, as printed on the plastic bag (but not appearing in the website description – Hershey’s, get your act together!) “delicious little pieces of crunchy candy.”
My secret vice, a la M.F.K. Fisher’s “little dried sections of tangerine” in her Serve It Forth (no longer a secret, of course, once written about): I eat the Kisses two by two, the Candy Cane Mint crunching in the mouth alongside the suave Chocolate Truffle. Try it! You might like it.
I have yet to try dropping one or two Candy Cane Mint kisses into a hot cup of coffee as I did with the Mint Truffle ones, which was something of a triumph (okay, a very small one. But it worked out well!).
I fear, of course, the moment when I will no longer be able to find – or NOT find, as with the Mint Truffle flavor – the limited edition Hershey Kisses any more. But life is full of little disappointments (as well as little triumphs – see above).

--Meredith Brody

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