Smells Good Enough To Eat: Roast Beef And Bruschetta Perfume


This is so awesome: a New York perfumery called (no shit) I Hate Perfume, has gone a little haywire with a series of food-scented perfumes, and it's not your average, wearable vanillas and cocoas and pleasant fruity concoctions: We're talking real food. Roast beef, bruschetta, pesto, boiled rice, California roll and tortilla chips, among others.

New York Magazine talked to the man with the plan, Christopher Brosius, about the obvious question. Are you fucking serious? He concedes that a lot of the "food series" are unwearable, and says that many of the planned food fragrances were too difficult to reproduce and never left the drawing board. Among them barbecued chicken, cheeseburger and French fries.

Surprisingly, Brosius says the company has sold a few dozen bottles of roast-beef scent. Like Axe Body Spray for fat girls?

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-- Brian Bernbaum

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