With A Dash Of Contrition, Michael Bauer Defends Food Criticism


Perhaps Michael Bauer is feeling a little defensive after laying the hurt on Fleur de Lys last week, only to be criticized by readers for going too easy on the joint. Surprisingly, he took on, and published, some of his readers' concerns about the overall task of being a food critic, which of course entails skewing "towards to anal," despite the fact that most restaurant workers bust their asses every night.

While he concedes that "everyone's a critic ... that it's easy to nitpick," Bauer sticks to his guns, defending his profession and its maddening attention to detail on the grounds that, in essence, the details are what really make the difference between a good restaurant and a great restaurant. Face it, without critics like Bauer we'd probably all be taking dates for a night on the town at Carl's Jr.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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