SFoodie: Mario Batali Flips Me Off

See why I'm so “wound” up!

By Chef John from Food Wishes Video Recipes

mario250.jpgYou know you are a true celebrity chef when you have your own wind-up action figure! While browsing in a gourmet stop, in Noe Valley, I came upon this amusing, yet somewhat disturbing metal toy (was this some sort of culinary Chucky?). First of all, if you are going to put a picture of the real chef on the package, then at least make the toy look the sort of the same. Somehow the metal, wind-up Mario lost about 80 pounds. Teresa, the owner of the store offered to wind him up and I filmed a little clip of Mario showing you how to…

flip a pancake (or whatever Italian for pancake is, I’m sure they have their own word for it). I should add, before all you Mario fans attack me, I'm a big fan of his. He is a complete stud on Iron Chef, where he’s almost unbeatable.

I can see a whole line of these wind-up celebrity chef toys; An Anthony Bourdain version that smokes a cigarette and eats a kidney, a Bobby Flay version that, once wound, rubs Chipotle pepper on something, etc. If you have an idea for a wind-up version of your favorite chef, please post a comment. One day, if this blog really takes off, maybe I'll even have my own wind-up action toy! And, you better believe, it's going to have a nice head of hair.

CLICK HERE to watch the shocking video footage!

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