Pure Food Porn: Gary Danko Does His Best Caligula In Last Supper


Gary Danko, can I just call you Caligula? Along with 49 of his star chef cohorts, San Francisco's own Danko deliciously entertains his last meal in a Time magazine preview of the newly released book My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals. In by far the most elaborate photo shoot of the preview, Danko, who wants his final feast "eaten by hand like at a Roman or Greek banquet," appears laughing uncomfortably atop a mountain of satin, grapes, and pomegranates as two, uh, enthusiastic ladies feed one another nearby.

Setting aside the bizarre awkwardness of the photo itself, Danko's chosen feast does sound appropriately decadent: "caviar, spit-roasted suckling pigs, black truffles wrapped in salt pork, and a roasted Bleu Bresse chicken." One question: Where did they find those Roman hos?

-- Brian Bernbaum

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