Point and Shoot Pancakes: Is Batter Blaster Too Good to Be True?


I've been waiting years for someone else to capitalize on the gimmicky genius of Easy Cheese, but never expected it to go quite so far. Get a load of this: Pancakes and waffles in an aerosol can. No mixing, no dishes, no dripping, just pure propellent-driven mastery.

Batter Blaster promises " organic light and fluffy pancakes ... in minutes!" and I'm only slightly disturbed by the "pressurized, patent-pending process." Yet as The Grinder points out, there's something about the hokey TV ad on the site (bottom left corner) that just screams parody. Is it possible that Batter Blaster doesn't even exist? According to one commenter, it is an actual product. Here's hoping.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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