Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Weigh-Off: Now With Bigger, Uglier Squash


In freakishly large produce news, a 1,524-pound pumpkin won the 34th annual pumpkin weigh-off in Half Moon Bay Monday, crushing the closest competitor by 140 pounds. Attributing his rookie success to "yards and yards of chicken manure, lots of mixed compost and lots and lots of time," stay-at-home dad Thad Starr kissed his giant, pale, ugly pumpkin when it was named the winner, describing his relationship with the squash as such: " ... you develop a bond with your pumpkins ... They're almost your friends."

Sounds like Thad's been a stay-at-home dad a little too long. All alone up there in Pleasant Hill, Oregon ... just him and the pumpkins. Maybe he should take that $9,144 in prize money and buy himself a dog or something.

The largest and most freakish of these pumpkins will be on display this weekend as part of the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival. Check out pictures of the beasts on Flickr.

The winning pumpkin and its grower pic from UnklStuart on Flickr

-- Brian Bernbaum

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