ConAgra Faces Lawsuit Over Salmonella Flavored Tainted Pot Pie Recall


Goddamn you, generic pot pies! After a massive voluntary recall of Banquet brand pot pies last week due to possible salmonella contamination, critics are taking shots at food-giant ConAgra for not moving quick enough. Amazingly, even though the pot pies were linked to at least 174 salmonella cases across the U.S., the Dept. of Agriculture didn't have the authority to demand a recall, hence the whole "voluntary" recall thing.

Now poor ConAgra could face punitive damages for not yanking the tainted pies earlier, though something tells me whatever the damages are, they won't even come close to the estimated $100 million a year the pot pie business generates for ConAgra. Ain't business grand!

If you think you have one of the bad pies, click here to find out. If you think you have salmonella poisoning, you're probably stuck on the toilet.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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