SFoodie: Braised Lamb and Eggplant Couscous

Easy, Exotic, and a Great Case for Gender Bias!

By Chef John from Food Wishes Video Recipes

lambcousplate2thumb.jpgToday’s post is perfect for the person that’s afraid to try anything that seems exotic because they think it’s going to be hard to prepare. Couscous has to be one of the easiest things on the planet to make. Can you boil stock and pour it into a bowl of Couscous? Then this dish is for you. This was a hard demo to edit down to a reasonable length, so I did go pretty fast with some of the steps and I thought I better give some additional info to help you follow along. So, I’ve put a few steps along with the usual ingredient list...

Couscous is a tiny, granular type of Semolina wheat that is as delicious, as it is simple to prepare. Usually considered Moroccan, this is also a staple in Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. The amazing thing about couscous is how fast it “cooks,” and how versatile it is. As long as you have some type of flavorful stock to prepare the Couscous, the meats and vegetables can be varied in countless ways.

Regarding the gender bias reference in headline; it has been claimed that female eggplants have more seeds than male eggplants. Those tiny white/grey seeds are what give eggplant it’s slightly bitter flavor, so Chefs are said to favor the male eggplants. Anyway, I show you how to “sex” an eggplant, and we also test the male vs. female theory. Wow, I feel like those “Myth Buster” guys. Enjoy the clip!

CLICK HERE to watch the Video, as well as get this recipe's ingredients and amounts.

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