Mugged In The Mission: Cafe Gratitude Finally Shows Some Gratitude


Welcome to part II in which Cafe Gratitude owner Terces Engelhart apologizes profusely for her staff's apparent ingratitude.

It all started with a shocking account of a local blogger being violently mugged in the Mission and wandering into said cafe looking for some help. When none came, word spread, and it wasn't long before Engelhart stepped up to the plate, writing: "Please let your friends know that we apologize for overlooking their needs that night and are grateful for the opportunity to take responsibility and learn from our mistake."

While it's impossible to say whether Cafe Gratitude's staff knew what was going on and simply ignored the poor mugging victim or were just too busy or distracted to help, we have to hand to Engelhart for trying to make it right after the fact.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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