Diner In The Dark: Night Vision, Three Courses, Wine Pairings. Bib Not Included.


The only kind of eating in the dark we've tried usually involves staggering down the street in the middle of the night after consuming copious amounts of beer, wolfing down a scalding slice of pizza. And boy, that pizza always tastes great. Drunkeness Darkness heightens the senses, you know. That's the whole idea behind Dark Dining, a phenomenon involving waiters in night-vision goggles.

Bits And Bites breaks it down: Originally created in 1999 in Zurich to help create jobs for blind and handicapped people (the original servers were blind), the idea caught on, and now, for a mere $95 per person, you too can spend several hours trying to figure out what you're putting in your mouth and trying to avoid knocking over your Pinot.

And if it's still not dark enough for you, do like Bits And Bites did: tie your napkins around your eyes like blindfolds. It's called empathy for the blind, people, get some.

Held at the Fort Mason Center, there are two upcoming dinners scheduled for Sept. 28th and Nov. 9th. Check the website for reservations. The price includes a three course dinner with wine pairings, plus dessert. No word yet on who foots the dry cleaning bill. But then, it is dark, so you might as well just wear your jammies and a bib, right?

-- Brian Bernbaum

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