Decompression Pre-Party: Do Burners Dig the Pig?

Check out this "Baconfest 2007" posting from

It's that time of the year again. Time to come up with some great Bacon dishes and party down. It starts around 5pm Oct 6th @ 91 Lobos street in Sanfran(right off the 280) Bring a Bacon dish,extra bacon and party materials(and extra camping stove would be nice too). I'll be making Prawns stuffed with blue cheese, wrapped in Bacon AND Bacon Bloody Mary's Spread the word and I'll see you all there (it's the night before Decom)
-Otto Von Danger

Hell yeah. The world's most perfect food! (Well, actually that would be bacon and pepperoni pizza, but I digress.) Still, I don't get it — he mentions Decompression, which means that he's a Burner, but surely 99.9 percent of all Burners are fuckin' vegan, right? A meat-eating, bacon-frying, Bloody Mary-chugging hippie? Since when? -- John Graham, Listings Editor

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