Chronicle On Vegetarian Meat Substitutes: Now Less Dreadful Than Before!


Everyone's favorite vegetarian meat substitutes pose for their glamour shots in the Chronicle food section this week. Well, sort of. There's just this one, itty-bitty caveat, buried amid all the oohs and ahhs: "Although many of the imitation processed products were and are dreadful, the overall variety and quality of the seitan, tempeh and tofu has improved."

Thank God for that! After all, dreadful food is one thing, but a larger variety of less dreadful food, well, that's just, um, slightly better?

Asians are the real stars of this article, swooping in to save all the vegetarians from their boring vegetable medleys and french fries. According to the article, seitan was originally developed for Buddhists in China (tofu also got its start there), while tempeh was created in Indonesia. Oh Asians, is there nothing you can't do?

-- Brian Bernbaum

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