Board Of Supervisors Vs. Starbucks: Smackdown In The Richmond


Taco Bell and Kentucky Fred Chicken are no doubt shedding greasy tears today after their cooler corporate friend Starbucks was denied an operating permit to open yet another shop in San Francisco (wasn't 80 enough?), this time in the Richmond District, on the corner of Geary Blvd. and Fifth Ave. Aww. Poor Starbucks.

Citing chain store regulations passed by voters last fall, and backed by dozens of petition-wielding opponents, that rock of integrity known as the Board of Supervisors gave the coffee behemoth a Venti-sized smackdown, voting 9-1 against the shop. Predictably, the lone vote of support was cast by everyone's favorite (allegedly!) crooked supervisor, Ed Jew. What a rebel.

According to opponents -- including nearby Toy Boat Dessert Cafe owner Jesse Fink -- a staggering 25 coffee houses already call the neighborhood home. Incidentally, Starbucks may not be the coolest kid on the corporate coffee block for long, with rumblings of their dorkier cousins Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's edging up on the latte game.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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