Bauer Lays The Smackdown On "Rude and Inconsiderate" Diners


Hot on the heels of the 2008 Zagat guide results where Bay Area restaurant service scored an abysmally low 18 out of 30, Michael Bauer today turns his attention to bad service. In this case it's someone pissed off about having to wait for a table because other tables insist on hanging out after the meal.

While the whiney complainer in question blames both the restaurant (for not kicking people out quicker) and the diners (for being so goddamned slow), in the end, Bauer comes down hard against the diners: "Lingering after the bill has been paid is simply rude and inconsiderate."

Oh sure Bauer, blame the customer. While we can certainly relate with both sides here, isn't it ultimately the restaurant's responsibility to keep traffic moving? After all, they're the ones running the show. If space is tight and waits are long, we say the service needs to grow some balls and start turning tables.

Waiter pic from NetEng on Flickr

-- Brian Bernbaum

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