Safeway Labor Tussle? Charitable Cleanup On Aisle 5!


As a frequent Safeway shopper (2020 Market baby!), we're interested in this report over at Sfist that Safeway management is cracking down on employees who refuse to solicit charitable donations from customers.

According to SFist -- tipped off by a Safeway insider -- the whole mess started when inquiring employees were told by their union that they don't have to ask for charitable donations, after being encouraged to by management.

Although we've never actually been asked by any Safeway employee to donate to a charity, we've certainly heard rumblings about it over the PA system. Something along the lines of: 'Checkers, don't forget to ask for donations for the ______ charity.'

Safeway documents their own charitable efforts in a Safeway Giving Report (PDF), where they claim to have raised millions for Easter Seals and the Muscular Dystrophy Association, among others. Jerry Lewis would be proud.

SFist reports that employees who refuse to solicit donations are being transferred to crappier, "Ghetto Graveyard" Safeway locations and assigned to work crappier hours. If it's true, it's definitely not cool, Safeway. And anyway, we already get hassled enough on the way into the store by people canvassing for signatures. Let us wield our Safeway Club Cards in peace!

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