Philz Coffee Moves Down 18th, Bean There, Brew That Moves In: Where's The Love?


We were confused a few months ago when one of our favorite coffee shops, Philz Coffee on 18th and Sanchez, suddenly morphed into another coffee shop called Bean Here, Brew That. It seemed to happen overnight. They got a bright orange paint job, changed the staff and changed the menu, but kept the concept: handmade coffee, one cup at a time. Something was definitely different though, after the switch. It was still expensive, it still took a long time, and yet the mind-blowing awesomeness of the coffee that makes it all worth while just wasn't as strong.

Turns out Philz just relocated down the street, to 4023 18th Street, between Hartford and Noe streets. They've been open almost six weeks. Bean Here, Brew That seems to be an offshoot of Philz, and on their official website, Mr. Phil himself hints about severing a "less than perfect business relationship."

While Philz employees don't seem too keen on discussing the split, one was happy to elaborate recently on the difference between the coffee at Philz and Bean Here, Brew That:

"So I tried the coffee over at Bean Here, Brew That the other day," I said, as I waited for my large Philharmonic.

"Oh yeah, how was it?"

"It was good. But it seemed like it was missing something. I don't know what though."

"It's the love," the barista said, handing over my cup. "It's missing the love."

Philz Sign By San Fran Annie At Flickr.

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The idea of the store name "Bean here, Brew that" was really great. I love how it was named. It;s the love~~ love that line.

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