Chronicle Foodies Celebrate Herbs, Master Gardeners


Battling weak soil, weeds, wind, birds and a "cluster of black syrupy stuff," which turned out to be black aphids, the Chronicle foodies celebrated their rooftop garden's fourth birthday with a herb-inspired lunch, proving once and for all that even newspaper writers can grow stuff.

Well, not exactly. The garden had to be rescued from the brink of annihilation six months ago by a well-wishing group of "master gardeners," which, just for the record, aren't "righteous" or "egocentric." Is that kind of like "master baiters"? Seriously, I had no idea master baiters existed either. Thank you Google.

There's also a nice group of six recipes inspired by their herbalicious garden booty. (I'll take the Garlic-Chile Rib Roast In A Thyme Nest, thank you) Along with an herb glossary. Any strawberry cough up there by chance?

Photo of Chronicle Garden by John Lee

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