Check Out This House with a Bizarre Design Feature

If this isn't a drunk accident waiting to happen, we're not sure what is.

What do you look for in your dream house? Excellent views? Close proximity to your favorite San Francisco spots? What about 87 steps to climb just to get in the front door? And what if 73 of those steps made you walk over your roof?

If you answered yes to any two of the above questions, particularly the last two, then the house advertised in this Craigslist post is for you. Just don't try to walk up those roof-stairs after you've spent some time at any of the bars that are also in close proximity to your new pad.

It's $1775/month to live in this bell tower and it comes with its own K-cup coffee machine! What a steal.

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Tourism for Locals: Golden Gate Park is Where the Buffalo Roam

@aaffttoonn/ Instagram
Bison in the Mist

If one listens to the opening lyrics of the famous Western tune "Home on the Range," you'd think that to find a place where the buffalo roam would be somewhere along the Great Plains of Kansas or Oklahoma.

Well, the state song of Kansas totally got it wrong when it came to San Francisco because the massive beasts with shaggy, brown heavy course fur, short horns, and can weight anywhere between 700 to 2,200 pounds have a home in our urban jungle -- in Golden Gate Park of all places.

Totally gives a new meaning to the phrase "Welcome to the West."

Also, fun fact: it's bison, not buffalo.

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S.F. Couple Will Get Married on Cable Car with Drag Queen Witness as Contest Prize

Rick Takagi

Judging from the plethora of American reality shows, it would appear that thousands of American citizens would do almost anything to be a reality TV star. From living in a house with people whose behavior is so erratic they call themselves the "bad girls club," to "swapping" wives with a guy they've never met before, to letting a cameraman document every breakup, birth, and bowel movement -- the things people will do for their 15 minutes (or episodes) of fame spans from laughably bizarre to just incredibly embarrassing.

And if letting the entire country participate in your life by watching it on television is apparently acceptable, why not let a bunch of people -- you've never met -- participate in your life by, say, dictating when you get married and where you have your honeymoon, and and then having an entire city watch your marriage ceremony?

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Classic Abusurdist Play, "Ubu Roi" at the Cutting Ball - Ridiculous, Joyful, and Profound

Photo Tatiana Karpekina
Father Ubu (standing c, David Sinaiko) in The Cutting Ball Theater's production of Ubu Roi.
In 1896, when the play premiered in Paris, audiences rioted after the first word "Merderer." The author, Albert Jarry, made up a philosophy, pataphysics, (Paul McCartney referenced it in "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"). The story of a mad king taking over Poland, it loosely parodies "Macbeth," with references to other Shakespeare plays, including "Richard III", "A Winter's Tale," and "Hamlet."

With the Cutting Ball Theater's mission to produce "experimental new plays and re-visioned classics, with an emphasis on language and images," "Ubu Roi" was a natural fit. Rob Melrose and Paige Rogers, co-founders of the theater, had met Russian director Yury Urnov in Poland and wanted to work with him. First they looked at Russian plays, but then "Ubu Roi" came up, and Melrose, whose other translations include Jean-Paul Sartre's "No Exit" and Eugène Ionesco's "The Bald Soprano" did a translation of Jarry's play, trying to make it as faithful to the original as he could.

"People sometimes try to make it as shocking as they can," he said. "It caused a riot after the first word, so they end up going after what people's idea of what would be shocking today."

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Throwback Thursday: San Francisco Headline Edition: Oct. 28- Nov. 2

Major League Baseball
A World Series of Ground Breaking Proportions. Literally.
Happy Halloween everyone!

This week in history present to us a dose of scary frights here in the Bay throughout the decades. From extreme gold digger weddings to Giant baseball events in the 80s and 2000s to the start of the Great Depression, we can truly be frightened at what history can teach us. So take a look below as we throw it back to times past, but only if you dare.

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Throwback Thursday: San Francisco Headline Edition: Sept. 23-29

Back in the 70s, this would be considered vulgar in San Francisco.
The whole #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT hashtag phenomenon has truly resisted being cast off into the graveyard of tired and trite Internet fads like Doppelganger week on Facebook or planking.

And as much as we enjoy seeing the baby pictures and nostalgic memories of times past, here we decided to drop some knowledge and history. Now presenting SF Weekly's new series: Throwback Thursday: S.F. Headline Edition.

Week after we week, we will present headlines throughout the decades chronicling the serious, joyous, and just plain odd reported for various publications of that particular week.This week's inaugural post will be a news flash of Sept. 23-30.

So let's take that stroll through San Francisco's memory lane.

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Agents of Chaos: Cacophony at the Castro Theatre

Stop the Weirdness.jpg
Rusty Blazenhoff
Fight Club and Burning Man come from the same place. Where flash mobs and poetic terrorism come from. Yes, a place inside of you. But The San Francisco Cacophony Society had a lot to do with putting that together for you. This is their book. This is their... unauthorized release party?

Enter Chicken John. Outspoken proponent for and enabler of the City of Art And Innovation, Chicken sent out an email to his large list of followers about a show on Friday, May 31st at the Castro Theatre. If you're not on his list, I suggest you sign up for it now, before reading about how he champions the weird creative underground of Bay Area artists with long, hilarious pleas for you to become the person you've always wanted to be. There aren't many people like Chicken, nor are there many people worthy enough to follow (in what was largely a performance art project he ran against Gavin Newsom for mayor, under the campaign "Nuisance '07", and garnered about 12,000 votes). Naturally, he's involved with The San Francisco Cacophony Society.

Here's an excerpt from his email:

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New Gutzy Clothing Line Says It Will Get You Laid

Take a stance with your single self -- get Gutzy and get laid.
As with so many modern innovations (butt-plugs, cellphones, Google glass) we're excited (and terrified) by the implications of Arizona entrepreneur Kari Holt's new Gutzy brand.

Gutzy, "meet-me" wear -- a clothing line for women and men -- is designed to broadcast your single status, letting other romantically untethered people know that you're available ... and most importantly, approachable.

According to, there are 54 million, sad-sack, single people in the United States and seemingly not many people can get their shit together enough to couple up, even if only for the night.

With Gutzy, you no longer have to wonder if someone is free and fuckable. Forget the bar, the grocery store, yoga class, or even dating sites -- now you can live your life silently emanating throbbing levels of date-me pheromones with a tricky little t-shirt (tank or "active wear" also available) emblazoned with a pink or white "g."

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Where's the Nicest Potty in S.F.?

Worst Toilet in Scotland.jpg
We'd be more competitive if the contest focused on "worst restrooms"
Cintas, an Ohio-based corporation that specializes in bathroom supplies, is hosting its annual Bowl Game contest, honoring the very best restroom in the nation. Know the best place to go when you gotta go?

As a city of over-achievers, we'll settle for nothing less than no. 1; we've already received the dubious honors of being America's sluttiest city and the city with the most sugar daddies per capita. But this time we're aiming high, attempting to take the title as the city with the most appealing place to pee and poop.

See also:
San Francisco's Best Public Restrooms: Expert Weighs In
Scott Wiener Bathroom Photo: Law Prof Calls Blogger's Account "Public Confession"

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San Francisco Is a City Full of Virgins, Survey Says

And there are those who have no other choice but to wait, that pseudo-scientific conductor of sexy and creepy studies is at it again. Previously, the dating company deemed San Francisco the nation's sugar daddy capital. Now, the sex researchers over there have determined that S.F. women aren't that sexually experienced after all. In fact, according to its most recent study, 1 out of every 10 San Francisco women are still virgins.

Seeking Arrangement, a dating service that pairs sugar daddies with sugar babies, surveyed 5,498 of their local female members about their virginity, and learned that compared to the national average, San Francisco women tend to wait longer before having sex.

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