Here Comes the Bribe: San Francisco's Single Ladies Prefer Shopping Sprees on First Dates

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Money can't buy you love, but it can certainly buy you a first date.

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San Francisco Ranks Third for Most Romantic Places To Take Your Blind Date on V-Day

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The pressure to do it big for Valentine's Day gets even worse if you're already part of an official couple. Everyone and their mother expects everyone with a significant other to have some extravagant outing planned, the more lavish the better. That's probably where the inspiration for this list of the 20 most romantic cities in America came from. Although compiled by the Huffington Post, the list draws on data taken from, a dating site dedicated to matching up rich dudes with attractive broke chicks looking for someone to take them on a trip for free. Yes, this really exists.

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S.F. Couple Will Get Married on Cable Car with Drag Queen Witness as Contest Prize

Rick Takagi

Judging from the plethora of American reality shows, it would appear that thousands of American citizens would do almost anything to be a reality TV star. From living in a house with people whose behavior is so erratic they call themselves the "bad girls club," to "swapping" wives with a guy they've never met before, to letting a cameraman document every breakup, birth, and bowel movement -- the things people will do for their 15 minutes (or episodes) of fame spans from laughably bizarre to just incredibly embarrassing.

And if letting the entire country participate in your life by watching it on television is apparently acceptable, why not let a bunch of people -- you've never met -- participate in your life by, say, dictating when you get married and where you have your honeymoon, and and then having an entire city watch your marriage ceremony?

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Is it Science or Fate? Less Than One Asks You to Explore the Probabilities of Finding a Soulmate

Less Than One

Alright folks, so we get that you're tired of Valentine's Day "news" barraging your Facebook and Twitter feeds, but it's time to wipe those broken-heart shaped tears off your face, take a seat, and get comfortable, because we've discovered a love-themed spectacle worth your while.

Play Content and Production -- a Los Angeles-based side venture of San Francisco's Swirl -- challenges the relationship between science and love in its first project: Less Than One, a short film and interactive website experience. Director Arturo Perez Jr. and art director Samantha Siegel, who happen to be dating, co-wrote the script for the video, and worked with a team to produce this unique piece that applies a scientific perspective to love.

"At first we thought of just blasting out the video on YouTube or Vimeo, but we thought it'd be more interesting to create a personalized web experience around it," Siegel says. "We wanted it to resonate with a bunch of people, and we wanted it to come out around Valentine's Day."

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Local Etsy of the Week: San Francisco Is for Lovers

Nidhi Chanani

Etsy is often like a thrift store -- it can require a lot of time and patience to pick through a lot of crap (or more importantly, overpriced crap) to find the really well-crafted gems. In order to take the guesswork out of your valiant attempts to support local artists, each week we provide you with a few awesome shops.

With Valentine's Day behind us, the air is not as heavily saturated with the stench of love, loneliness, and desperation, but that doesn't mean you can't still add a touch of romance to your life. This week's featured artists depict love with sweet elegance and sentiment, and may even leave you gazing wistfully and starry-eyed at the object (person, drink of choice, whatever) of your affection.

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The Sweet Spot: "The One" Is Total Hooey


The One.

It is a concept as familiar as commercial jingles, as ubiquitous as the bright candy coloring of a rom-com, and as insufferable as a teenager shouting, "No one understands me." The One is the new shorthand for the idea of the soul mate, that perfect person who completes you.

It is unclear when The One became so common; it seems to have cropped up in the '90s, but "soul mate" is a least as old as Plato. According to his dialogue, The Symposium, humans originally had four arms, four legs, a single head made of two faces and both genitals. Just a little too powerful, these early human hermaphrodites pissed off the gods and as punishment, were split apart and doomed to die. Thankfully, Apollo took pity on these baleful souls and sewed up a new version of them with only one set of stuff and a belly button as a reminder of what was once whole. As a result, we are still, to this day, forever on the hunt for our other half.

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Man Dates: The Top Five Valentine's Day Events for Dudes

cupid undies.jpg
Godofredo Vasquez

By Katie Tandy

Sick of hearts, bears, chocolate, and "You better wear that necktie I bought you last Christmas for our two-paycheck-expensive French dinner tonight" Valentine's Day bullshit? Tell 'em to stuff it where the sun don't shine.

Forget Hallmark and candlelight, here are the top five testosterone-laden, certified Valentine's Man Dates that are sure to deliver a dose of dude-dom.

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San Francisco's Top 10 Dates Under $20

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Five Great Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day for Under $25

Categories: Valentine's Day
pillow fight.jpg

The day of (made-up Hallmark) love is upon us! If you and your honey want to celebrate without over-indulging in Valentine's extravagance, and if you lovely single folk are just looking for fun stuff to do that day, then fear not. We've come up with some awesome ways to spend the holiday that don't involve spending all of your hard-earned cash.

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Why Valentine's Day Sucks for Everyone

Categories: Valentine's Day
broken heart.png

Oh good. Valentine's Day -- aka the worst holiday ever invented -- is upon us. This day sucks for everyone, across the board, regardless of age or marital status. The awkwardness around VD begins in childhood and, after that, graduates into misery, guilt, shame and undue pressure. Let's take a look at why Valentine's Day sucks across the age and relationship spectrum.

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San Francisco's Top 10 Dates Under $20


Here's the thing about living in the city: You get what you pay for. Gorgeous views, international cuisine, indulgent liberalism, and adorable alleyways do not come cheap. Unfortunately for our wallets and genitals, dating tends to work the same way. Whether you're looking for love or simply trying to get your girlfriend out of her sweats, here are our recommendations for the best cheap dates in S.F. to seduce your luvah without breaking the bank (or coming off as a cheapskate).

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47 Things We Learned in 2012 That We Really Need to Remember for 2013

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