San Francisco Ranks Third for Most Romantic Places To Take Your Blind Date on V-Day

Flickr/Jon Reid

The pressure to do it big for Valentine's Day gets even worse if you're already part of an official couple. Everyone and their mother expects everyone with a significant other to have some extravagant outing planned, the more lavish the better. That's probably where the inspiration for this list of the 20 most romantic cities in America came from. Although compiled by the Huffington Post, the list draws on data taken from, a dating site dedicated to matching up rich dudes with attractive broke chicks looking for someone to take them on a trip for free. Yes, this really exists.

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Hop On: Vantigo Redefines Tourism One Revamped Van Ride at a Time

All Images Courtesy of Vantigo
Sitting on the Dock by the Bay- Van Style.

As Eric Hormann gets off his day job, a project manager at a San Francisco tech start-up, his faithful companion, Lillie, waits in anticipation for the adventures that are ready to unfold.

Lillie hisses and grunts when going up the hilly regions of Nob Hill, weaves and dodges pedestrians around the famed alleys and side streets of North Beach, gleams and shines under the bright lights of the Castro, and takes frequent pit stops around Golden Gate Park and the Presidio.

By no accounts though is Lillie an animal of any kind. She is more like a pet business project of Hormann and his wife, Amy. The husband-and-wife team founded Vantigo, a tourism company that employs their beloved Lillie, a 1971 Chianti-red seven passenger Volkswagen bus that takes locals and tourists on expeditions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since it's first ride in August 2013, Hormann has been conducting Vantigo's day-and-night 7x7 tours of San Francisco, day trips to Tomales Bay's Hog Island Oyster Company, and brewery tours along Highway 1 and through the North Bay.

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Trevolta: Travel the World on Someone Else's Dime

Categories: Travel

Shutterstock/ Masson
Where do you want to go?

We believe there are very few people who would turn down the opportunity to travel; it seems the only thing keeping people in place (much of the time) is finances. Well, maybe money won't be the issue any longer.

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Motorcycle Diaries: Three Young Men Document America on the Road

Photo Courtesy of Dylan Ozanich
From left to right: Dylan Ozanich, Wyatt McCall, Brant Ozanich
Three young men sit in their back porch of their Outer Sunset home rolling crumpled, loose leaf American Spirit tobacco leaves into tiny cigarette cylinders and chain smoke frequently while taking sips from their camel-brown colored cans of Coors.

Their skin is tanned like that of a broken-in leather jacket showing signs of weathering various climates -- pouring rain, blistering heat, bitter cold, urban smog, and damp humidity. They are visibly tired and exhausted with slow heaving shoulders, drooping eyelids, and drawn out sentences that are meticulous and pronounced with a slight drawl that hugs the sounds of their speech.

Nonetheless, there's an excitement and euphoric longing in the men's eyes like they have discovered wonders beyond belief. Their being exudes a sense of liberation and acute self-awareness. They act like men that know where they have been, have tasted adventure, and welcome uncertainty and the unknown. They are charismatic, magnetic, and prideful of the feat they just accomplished and they deserve to be so.

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Tourism for Locals: Forget Lombard Street, Try These Steps Instead

Juan De Anda/ SF Weekly
The Artsy Step Climber

It is an absolute truth that we, people who live in San Francisco, detest tourists attractions with a passion. We avoid Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Bridge unless we are obligated to go because of pestering friends and relatives who want to see the "real" San Francisco.

We groan at the thought of seeing and participating in an activity that is so plastic and commercial and always mutter in hushed whispers, "that's not my San Francisco" or something along those lines.

So in an effort to curtail those dreaded visits to Pier 39, Alcatraz, and everything else we don't already hate, SF Weekly will present weekly posts for the next couple months of local attractions that are easy on our patience and wallets with the added benefit of displaying the City by the Bay in a more colorful and diverse manner.

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Top 5 Animal-Lover Airbnb Listings: And it Comes With a Pet

Airbnb started in San Francisco several years ago, and now it has people renting out their homes and properties in over 19,000 cities around the globe. It has booked millions of nights of stays in places all over the world. So, here at SF Weekly, we are bringing you some of the most unique, beautiful, quirky and outlandish Airbnb listings we can find in the City by the Bay. Below is the list for this week:


Blinded by the Yellow Light: While you're squeezing in your chin ups or morning yoga, try not to get distracted by the bright lemon colored walls. Although the color yellow is thought to create a sense of happiness and energy, the bedrooms walls in this Cole Valley apartment are so bright, they may still shine with the lights off. Luckily for you, two adorable, "well-behaved and super quiet" pups are sure to bring you happiness only a man's, or woman's best friend can, sans bright-yellow paint.

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