Just in Time for National Library Week, Now you can Access Library Materials Online

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People don't go to the library as much as they used to. And why would they, when almost every book is available as an eBook or for purchase on Kindle? Plus, to go to the library, you have to actually get off your couch and take the bus or drive all the way there, and then you have to wait in line, and then worry about when your books and movies are due. The struggle.

But a lot of eBooks are only excerpts, and not everything is available on Kindle. Double struggle.

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Bitcoin Graffiti Appearing on ATMs and Apple Buses in S.F.


Have you been seeing the Bitcoin signs posted on ATMs around San Francisco? In the past several weeks, Bitcoin signs and stickers have been seen adorning various ATMs and Apple buses all around the city, presumably as a reaction to Apple mysteriously dropping Blockchain, the most popular Bitcoin app, from the App Store on iTunes.

Bitcoins are an electronic form of currency which people can send to each other and use to pay for goods and services--anonymously. No banks or banking services are involved in Bitcoin transactions, which makes it a preferable way to transfer money for some, and a controversial one for others.

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Film Shot via Google Glass: CATCH, and Other Shorts of the Disposable Film Fesitval


Google Glass has been at the forefront of the news this week, and whether you love those awkward glasses or loathe them, we think you'll agree that regardless of what happened at Molotov's, something good can come from Google Glass -- as well as cell-phone footage: The Disposable Film Festival.

Returning to S.F. March 20-23, the seventh annual film festival shows just how far those tiny gadget cameras have come -- gone are the days of pixelated videos, replaced by high-quality footage that no one would guess was shot with an iPhone -- or those weird glasses.

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Tourism for Locals: Tuning into San Francisco's T.V. History

Juan De Anda/SF Weekly
Tuning into San Francisco history.

While you've been spotting what San Francisco sites were featured on the season premiere of HBO's Looking this past Sunday, we were checking out a local landmark that will probably never be featured on the show, but nonetheless, is key to this drama -- and every other television program in history.

Sitting at 202 Green is a small, historical plaque marking the spot of where television was created.

Yes, t.v. was created right here in San Francisco. It was invented by a man that is probably the most famous inventor you've never heard of: Philo T Farnsworth.

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A Bird's-Eye View of San Francisco: Ghirardelli Square


The cityscape of San Francisco reaches towards the sky: buildings, hills, bridges -- each towering above us. But Thiti Tanprapan's bird's-eye view videos provide another way to look at our surrounds.

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RSVP: ParkNow Allows Drivers to Pay & Reserve Parking Spots in Advance

Shutterstock/ chaoss

Four letter words inevitably come to mind while hopelessly in search of an available parking spot.

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The Shows Must Go On: SMGO.TV and the Future of Television

Categories: TV, Technology

Photo of Florian Hoenig, Dave M. Coduto, and Chehin Toumi by Dorian Fitzgerald

When Chéhin Toumi discovered that Stargate Universe had been cancelled, he felt a series of emotions familiar to many a diehard devotee: shock, betrayal, abandonment, horror, despondence. With social media, fans have had forums for their discontent, circulating petitions and even resorting to prank-like methods of protest -- see the rumored 8 million peanuts lobbed at CBS for canceling Jericho. But Toumi was no ordinary viewer of SGU: like the intrepid practitioner of ratiocination, lead scientist Nicholas Rush himself, he would not surrender to his fate without first thoroughly considering the options.

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Seeing Stars: Chewbacca Instagrams his Adventures in San Francisco

When he's not protecting the galaxy, Chewbacca chills at Baker Beach.
It looks like Los Angeles and New York are no longer the home of the stars.

San Francisco has acquired a new resident who is out of this planet in fame and visibility. He is so famous that he doesn't even have a last name.

Chewbacca has landed in the City by the Bay from a galaxy far, far away and he has an Instagram account to prove it.

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The App that Puts You in the Book


"Most things in San Francisco can be bought or taken."

So claims detective Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon, the crime novel set in and around the Tenderloin. With Falcon and its tough-as-nails protagonist, author Dashiell Hammett cemented the gritty, cynical voice that inspired the noir genre in film and literature.

Now, the detective and his fictional fellows are taking over our laptop screens -- and real-life haunts -- as well, thanks to the introduction of Placingliterature.com. Founded by an author, geographer and software engineer, the app aims to be a crowdsourced web application that features a map with pins connecting our favorite books to their real-life settings.

Unlike a lot of literary devices, this one's accessible: Anyone armed with a smartphone and a bookish sense of adventure can "check in" at their favorite literary characters' stomping grounds throughout the Bay, from the dark Lobos Creek sewer opening in Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job to the home of dissatisfied wife Lena Ying in The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.

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Quantum Choreography: Kinetech Dance Explores the Finest Motion in the Universe

Photos by Weidong Yang

Weidong Yang is a physicist who invented a method to detect movement as fine as a tenth of an atom. With Kinetech, a collective of artists and scientists he assembled earlier this year, Yang works on a human scale, drawing on years of martial arts and dance training and performance, as well as his skills as an engineer, to produce a tactile and visual experience inspired by fluid dynamics, quantum mechanics, entropy, fractal noise, and infinite loops.

Combining technological contributions by Florian Hoenig, Sachin Deshpande, and Marc Fawzi, and choreography by Bay Area favorites Daiane Lopes da Silva and Karla Quintero, Kinetech presents Open Lab--Sensory Awakening May 20-21 at KUNST-STOFF arts with three modes of aesthetic experimentation: Mosaic, Rag Doll, and Flo, each built of codes, projections, and dancers in motion.

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