How to Find the Hook Up Truck

Hook up truck/ Instagram

Last month we mentioned a hook up truck was now roaming San Francisco streets. And now, those who want to go for a romp with their partners can find out where the hook up truck is parked, via the truck's social media platforms.

You can check out the Facebook page, Instagram profile, and the hashtag #hookuptruck on Twitter to find the trucks location and see snapshots, and potentially reviews, from truck visitors.

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Stroke It: Oakland Conference Reveals the Power of OM

Shutterstock/ BlueRingMedia

Think you know everything there is to be known about female orgasms? Well think again 'cause you don't know clit.

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G Marks the Spot: Orgasmic Meditation Conference this Weekend in Oakland

Shutterstock/ Andrew_Popov

Need a romantic getaway this weekend where you're almost guaranteed to get some action? We got you covered.

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Hook-Up Truck is Here: A Mobile Spot for a Quickie

Greg Earl/
Get kinky anywhere you want!

Forget about finding a place in the alley or the backseat of a car (who even has a car in S.F.!), there's a new place to hook up.

The recently launched Hook-Up Truck is roaming City streets, providing a place to get kinky.

The brain child of conceptual artist Spy Emerson, the idea came to her during a long car ride with Flora Goodtyme of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and Dixie De La Tour of Bawdy Storytelling. During this trip she was introduced to the hook-up site Grindr, and talk turned to how these hook-ups could happen anywhere -- that's when the plan for a mobile hook-up site struck.

"The idea for a mobile hotel room hit me like a ton of bricks, and then I had hours and hours and hours to sit in the car and consider it," says Emerson.

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The Perez Brothers Weigh In on Discrimination with Latest Video

The Perez Bros

For those of you who happen to live under a rock, the Winter Olympicsare currently taking place in Sochi, Russia.

Due to laws passed by Russia in June 2013 that prohibit anyone from distributing any information about homosexuality to children, many people -- citizens and officials alike -- are boycotting the Olympics. Award-winning film directors The Perez Brothers have made their opinions on the subject known in their latest short film The Weigh In. It simultaneously gives the finger to homophobia and a new meaning to the term "contact sports."

You may be familiar with other works by The Perez Brothers; they've made several music videos for bands such as Mister Loveless and the Oakland band Tremor Low. Their films have also appeared on ESPN.

Check out The Weigh In:

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Our Q&A with The Pornographer's Daughter

David Allen

Liberty Bradford Mitchell grew up in the shadow of the adult entertainment industry. Her father was Artie Mitchell, who, along with his brother Jim, opened the San Francisco strip club Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre in 1969. The club was praised by Playboy magazine and Hunter S. Thompson, famously despised by Dianne Feinstein during her tenure as mayor, and was one of the first strip clubs to offer fully nude lap dances.

The brothers also released several adult films, including the groundbreaking Behind the Green Door, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival. But their story turned tragic in 1991, when Jim shot and killed Artie.

Mitchell recalls growing up with this pornographic dynasty, and the circumstances surrounding her father's death, in her new solo show, The Pornographer's Daughter. She recently agreed to answer a few questions for SF Weekly.

With so much history at the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater, how did you decide what to put in the show?
The show is about my experience, personally, growing up as the pornographer's daughter. I do give some tentpole reference to the theater, but really it's my personal experience growing up in my family. I just try to speak for myself.

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Stocking Stuffer: Enviromental Condom to Raise Awareness of Human Population Growth

Center for Biological Diversity
Use it or Lose It.

For the guys who still don't have the perfect gift for that special someone, maybe you're considering using your God-endowed gift? (After wrapping it up of course!) Here's another benefit of wrapping it up, according to the The Center for Biological Diversity, it can save the dwarf seahorse!

This holiday season, The Center is handing out 25,000 free Endangered Species Condoms in all 50 states. Why? The Center hopes to raise awareness of the devastating effects of human population growth and over consumption on endangered plants and animals. According to their press release:

"More than 200,000 people are added to the planet every day and, according to the United Nations, global human population could reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. As the human population grows, wildlife pays the price as wildlife habitat is developed, air and water are polluted and the climate crisis deepens."
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Show & Tell: California Ranks 15th for Penis Size

Shutterstock/ tommaso lizzul

Whoever said that size doesn't matter clearly has a small schlong, and probably hails from California or any of the other 48 states that aren't North Dakota.

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Bettie Page Reveals All: Pin-Up Legend In Her Own Words


For decades, Bettie Page (1923-2008) was a legend -- only, she didn't know it. Around 1957, the pin-up and nudie-cutie queen disappeared without a trace. All kinds of rumors circulated, including greatly exaggerated reports of her death.

When Bettie was finally found more than three decades later, she had quite a story to tell. In Bettie Page Reveals All, (Dec. 6 at the Opera Plaza) Mark Mori's fascinating new documentary, Page tells her tale in her own words.

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Unhung Hero: One Man's Search For The Perfect Penis

Patrick Moote took it all off for the DVD box cover of Unhung Hero.

In Unhung Hero, his new, self-described "cockumentary," Patrick Moote admits that he's not well hung. But the guy has balls. After being rejected by his girlfriend for having a small penis, Moote, an actor and stand up comic in Los Angeles, literally travels around the world searching for a "cure" to his problem.

The result is an hilarious, yet ultimately sweet film by Moote's best bud Brian Spitz, who documents Moote's journey.

The "cockumentary" moniker was all Patrick," filmmaker Spitz told SF Weekly. "I came up with Unhung Hero."

Spitz's camera follows Moote home to Seattle, where a heartbroken Patrick tells his sympathetic mom that he's hung like a hamster. Naturally we wondered how it felt to discuss one's penis with a parent.

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