Just Married: San Francisco Ranks 19th Best Honeymoon Destination in America


Don't let the picture above fool you. There's nothing spectacular about 19th place.

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He Said, She Said: Dating Habits of Silicon Valley Millionaires

Shutterstock/ kanvag

Have no shame, gold diggers! Eligible millionaires in Silicon Valley love you just the way you are.

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S.F. Voted Best City for Same Sex Marriage, But the Fight Ain't Over

The engagement cake of Movoto CEO Henry Shao boasts jaunty gay extraterrestrials
While the streets of San Francisco looked like one big gay rainbow this past weekend with the throbbing throngs of Dionysian revelry, something more serious than a party was happening.

Now that DOMA is dead, San Francisco is the place to be, according to a new study by Movoto, which has deemed S.F. the best damn city in the nation for same-sex couples to tie the knot.

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San Francisco Is Named Most Romantic City in North America

Categories: Dating, Romance

What's not to love?
Screw holding hands in New York City's Central Park, San Francisco is officially the place for budding love.

According to the dating/travel site, MissTravel.com, San Francisco was named the most romantic city in North America. How did they determine this? The love scientists say since it launched in April 2012, more than 300,000 women and generous (aka lonely) men have registered with the site, and have used it to fly around the country looking for love.

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Local Etsy of the Week: San Francisco Is for Lovers

Nidhi Chanani

Etsy is often like a thrift store -- it can require a lot of time and patience to pick through a lot of crap (or more importantly, overpriced crap) to find the really well-crafted gems. In order to take the guesswork out of your valiant attempts to support local artists, each week we provide you with a few awesome shops.

With Valentine's Day behind us, the air is not as heavily saturated with the stench of love, loneliness, and desperation, but that doesn't mean you can't still add a touch of romance to your life. This week's featured artists depict love with sweet elegance and sentiment, and may even leave you gazing wistfully and starry-eyed at the object (person, drink of choice, whatever) of your affection.

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The Sweet Spot: "The One" Is Total Hooey


The One.

It is a concept as familiar as commercial jingles, as ubiquitous as the bright candy coloring of a rom-com, and as insufferable as a teenager shouting, "No one understands me." The One is the new shorthand for the idea of the soul mate, that perfect person who completes you.

It is unclear when The One became so common; it seems to have cropped up in the '90s, but "soul mate" is a least as old as Plato. According to his dialogue, The Symposium, humans originally had four arms, four legs, a single head made of two faces and both genitals. Just a little too powerful, these early human hermaphrodites pissed off the gods and as punishment, were split apart and doomed to die. Thankfully, Apollo took pity on these baleful souls and sewed up a new version of them with only one set of stuff and a belly button as a reminder of what was once whole. As a result, we are still, to this day, forever on the hunt for our other half.

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The Best Bay Area Neighborhoods for Singles


Are you without a "ring on it" this Valentine's Day? If so, it might not be because this city is notoriously difficult to date in or because of your 4chan habits. It might be that you're in the wrong neighborhood.

Real estate company Trulia recently crunched some numbers on the best places to find love in major metropolitan areas, including the Bay Area, and the results may surprise you.

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San Francisco's Top 10 Dates Under $20


Here's the thing about living in the city: You get what you pay for. Gorgeous views, international cuisine, indulgent liberalism, and adorable alleyways do not come cheap. Unfortunately for our wallets and genitals, dating tends to work the same way. Whether you're looking for love or simply trying to get your girlfriend out of her sweats, here are our recommendations for the best cheap dates in S.F. to seduce your luvah without breaking the bank (or coming off as a cheapskate).

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Meet the Man Who Had Sex with a Dolphin (and Wrote a Book About It)

Matt Saincome
Malcolm J. Brenner, with his book, Wet Goddess

Malcolm J. Brenner, the controversial author of Wet Goddess, the autobiographical novel of a young man's love affair with a dolphin, relaxes on a computer chair inside a San Francisco apartment, gently stroking one of the two cats occupying the room with us. His red sweater is wiry and frayed, like the hairs on his balding head. He's 40 years older than he was when he drove to a near-abandoned Florida amusement park with the intent to "make love" with a dolphin he had been photographing for nine months.

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The Sweet Spot: The Truth Behind Puppy Play

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Dear Champ: Advice from a Fictitious Pro Wrestler

pic courtesy of WWE

In honor of the wrestling buzz that's been making the rounds in San Francisco's arts scene (and beyond), we present to you this very sincere advice column, told from the point of view of a professional wrestler, known simply as The Champ.

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Lube wrestling at El Rio

Pulitzer-nominated pro wrestling play is a slam

Fall arts shows share uncommon ambition

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