Honky-Tonk Blues: San Francisco Ranks Least Country City in America

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It appears San Franciscans would rather reserve their leather chaps for the kink of Folsom Street Fair than for the twang of a rodeo hoedown.

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TV Threeway: San Francisco Ranks First for TV Binge Watchers Alongside Dallas and D.C.

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Chances are that some people you know are more concerned on what's happening on their favorite TV shows rather than what the news stations are covering -- forget real murder, there's Law & Order:SVU!

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No Means No: San Francisco Ranks Number One for Pickiest Women in America

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Apparently true love isn't just one mouse click away for the women of San Francisco.

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#SelfieSF: San Francisco Ranks 11th Selfiest City in the World

Shutterstock/Linda Moon

It's alphabetical fact that you can't spell selfie without S.F. Unfortunately, it's mathematical fact that San Francisco just missed the top 10 in TIME magazine's recent list of the 100 selfiest cities in the world.

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Headspin: California Ranks High and Low in Overall Education

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Shutterstock/ jannoon028

California is a state full of contradictions.

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WTF?: San Francisco Ranked 11th Gayest City in America

Shutterstock/ Nickolay Stanev

There's never a good time to break bad news and sometimes it's best to just come out and say it. The Advocate ranks San Francisco 11th gayest city in America.

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Here Comes the Stork: San Francisco Voted Best U.S. City to Have a Baby

Shutterstock/ Elena Stepanova

It only makes sense that the people voted most attractive in the U.S. would also produce the happiest and healthiest babies in the country, right?

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Aw Shucks: San Franciscans Voted Most Attractive People in America

Shutterstock/ Augustino

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most attractive of them all?

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He Said, She Said: Dating Habits of Silicon Valley Millionaires

Shutterstock/ kanvag

Have no shame, gold diggers! Eligible millionaires in Silicon Valley love you just the way you are.

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Show & Tell: California Ranks 15th for Penis Size

Shutterstock/ tommaso lizzul

Whoever said that size doesn't matter clearly has a small schlong, and probably hails from California or any of the other 48 states that aren't North Dakota.

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