Belle SF is Here! Tastefully Naughty, and Literate

Belle SF Magazine #1

Last fall, SF Weekly interviewed David Beaulieu, City resident and entrepreneur who, together with his wife Melissa, was preparing to launch Belle SF, a new quarterly print magazine.

The wait is over. Belle SF issue one has arrived.

Belle SF promises to resurrect the glory days of Playboy. The magazine will feature tasteful, artfully-lit photos of beautiful women in the nude. Nothing too graphic, but skin will definitely be on display. The magazine will also feature works by local artists and writers: art, culture and nudity is the motto.

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Photographer Snaps Satirical Shots of S.F.'s Rent Crisis

Categories: Photography

Scot Hampton
Waterfront Condo - $5000 Waterfront condo in the highly desirable, up-and-coming mid-Market area. Luxurious living at its finest! Enjoy the sounds and smells of the UN Plaza fountain as you relax in your condo after a hard day of complaining about the homeless. Close to public transportation, Civic Center Farmers Market, @Twitter, the @Tenderloin and several aggressive seagulls. 33 SQ. FT. Utilities not included, nor available.

Whether it be the continuing topic of the magisterial tech and start-up industries, the doomed music scene, or victims of the Ellis Act, when it comes to rent in San Francisco the conversations are endless. Most news that surrounds the dialogue shares serious anecdotes and legitimate complaints. Photographer Scot Hampton, however, discerned an opportunity for humor, which he has captured in his mockery of the skyrocketing rent phenomena in San Francisco.

In "SF: For Rent," Hampton's latest photo essay, he snaps photos of "For Rent" signs juxtaposed with small, unlivable public spaces. Hampton tacks these "For Rent" signs (with ludicrous rental costs written on them) to a dumpster, a manhole, and a garbage can, among other dilapidated quarters, to showcase the grotesque amounts people pay to live in a shit-hole-of-a space.

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Photographer Brings New Life to Iconic S.F. Landmarks with Digital Layering Technique

Categories: Photography

Christopher Dydyk
Lotta's Fountain

When photographer Christopher Dydyk arrived in San Francisco in 2012, the beauty of the city compelled him to shoot anything and everything. The serenity of the trees and buildings presented a sheer opposition against the bustling of the city's people -- and he had to capture it. Dydyk's initial approach of taking single snapshots lacked the totality of the scene's energy, however. He decided to re-visit double exposure, a technique he used often when he worked with film, but add a digital twist.

"Trees have always been my passion," Dydyk says. "So my first attempt was the Conservatory Palm. I decided to make the palm tree the center of the picture and walk around it."

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Top 10 San Francisco Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram: @Juantanamero, @Colleenkcummins, @moneal
Filter of Choice? San Francisco
Instagram has a lot of pretty pictures floating around. And we mean a lot: about 16 billion have been captured on the photo sharing social network since March of this year.

With over 150 million active users worldwide, it can be difficult to sort through Instagram accounts worth following. And even though we may be entertained by the entries under hashtags like #Iwokeuplikethis,#igersSF, and #SanFrancisco, we get exhausted of sifting through photos of blurry selfies, sepia-toned filters applied on food, and typical black and whites of our municipal monuments.

So we did some of the work for you and picked out our 10 favorite San Francisco-based accounts.

With that in mind, we picked out 10 of our favorite San Francisco-based accounts. These users, listed in no particular order, bring fresh angles to the city we call home and depict neighborhoods, or their workplaces, in a way that is endearing and fascinating. These user profiles, at one point or another, made us think and exclaim: "That's so San Francisco." These smartphone photographers' use of filters and subjects make San Francisco more magical and ethereal than it already is to all of us.

Let us know if we left any other users that are worth following. Happy scrolling!

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Check Out This Artist's Beautiful Photo Series: "White Silence"

Categories: Art, Photography

Pavel Tereshkovets
The first photo in "White Silence"

Pavel Tereshkovets's photography proves that images don't have to be complicated or busy to be beautiful.

The artist's most recent project, "White Silence," clearly showcases his stunningly simplistic shooting style. Each photo in the series features a woman, whose face is always obscured, in assorted open landscapes. The caption above the photo set reads, "These are the rare moments for people to feel calmness, emptiness and the pulsating nature's fear."

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Press Release of the Day: Are Selfies Causing Head Lice Infestations?

Shutterstock/ Lighthunter
Lice party! #itchy

It seems every news outlet received the same press release this morning: Are 'Selfies' causing head lice infestations?


Upon reading the email, it does in fact appear that selfies can lead to lice -- if you're squishing in with a bunch of buddies for a Instagram photo.

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Belle SF Magazine: Art, Culture, and Tastefully Naughty Pics!


The soon to be launched magazine, Belle SF, describes itself as "a celebration of all that is beautiful about San Francisco, the culture, the art, and the people within it."

Publisher David Beaulieu promises that the new venture will harken back to the glory days of "vintage Playboy, the type of magazine from a bygone era, when great writing, and great photography went hand in hand."

"There's nothing in Belle SF that you wouldn't see that you wouldn't see in a fashion magazine," promises Beaulieu. "It will be the only locally based nudie/culture magazine. We're going to be all natural. No fake breasts, no plastic surgery. It'll have that natural esthetic from the 70s."

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Across America: Motorcyclists' Finding Main Street's Photos on Display

Dylan Ozanich
Across America in 50+ Days.
Wyatt McCall and brothers Brant and Dylan Ozanich have really been keeping SF Weekly up to date with the wide-multimedia project Finding Main Street.

For those of you who don't know, the motorcycle trio traveled 10,500 miles through 28 states in a massive circle around the periphery of the continental United States in 55 days. They documented the sights, sounds, and people in every region along the road with photography, video, and blog writing in search of an all-American Main Street.

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The Matter of Mating: Soul+Mates at ZSpace

Photo by Jeff Zender

If there's anything in the world that would seem to have overrun its natural course, it's romantic love, and yet the public clamors after rumors of its persistence in these degenerate times. Printz Dance Project welcomes lovers, dreamers, and voyeurs of the lucky few to Soul+Mates at ZSpace Dec. 4-7 with a performance choreographed by Stacey Printz, a photography exhibit by Andre J. Hermann, and a short film by Teresa Brazen, all centered on the visual and topological possibilities of a white two-seater couch, the kind that happens to be marketed as the loveseat.

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On the Road: Finding Main Street's Trio Release Trailer of Cross-Country Documentary

All Images Courtesy of Dylan Ozanich
Brant Ozanich, Wyatt McCall and Dylan Ozanich chronicle their adventures in state hopping.

The motorcycle cross-country adventures of Wyatt McCall and brothers Dylan and Brant Ozanich finally have a teaser trailer of what they experienced on the road.

Finding Main Street is the collaborative project of the three San Francisco residents and recent college grads chronicling their sojourn across the United States on $500 motorcycles (purchased on Craigslist) during last summer; the trip was possible with the help of Kickstarter.

In 55 days, McCall and the Ozanich brothers traveled 10,500 miles through 28 states in a massive circle around the periphery of the continental United States. They documented the sights, sounds, and people in every region along the road with photography, video, and blog writing in search of an all-American Main Street.

See More: From S.F. to N.Y.: Finding Main Street Across America (Slideshow)

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