Dance Anywhere Makes the World Its Stage (Video)

Adrian Rodriguez

Yerba Buena visitors and passersby were taken by surprise when six dancers claimed the entrance of the Center for Arts as their stage for a 25-minute performance Friday, March 28 at noon.

The six performers danced a routine that combined choreography and improvisation to the accompaniment of music performed by cellist Alex Kelly. As the marquis performance for the Dance Anywhere event, Beth Fein, artistic director and creator, organized the show, which attracted a crowd of about 50 people that surrounded the entrance of the center.

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"Wrestling Jerusalem": Telling the Complex Palestinian-Israeli Story

Ken Friedman
Aaron Davidman, wrote and performs 'Wrestling Jerusalem'

With "Wrestling Jerusalem," his solo show at Intersection for the Arts, playwright and actor Aaron Davidman wants to do something seemingly impossible -- present the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, one of the most entrenched of our time, in a nuanced way- as a story rather than a diatribe.

"I like to say my play is not a protest play unless it's protesting polemic, in which case it is a protest play," he said. "To realize things aren't so black and white -- that's the new radical."

Davidman, former artistic director of the now defunct Traveling Jewish Theater in San Francisco, has written two other plays about the issue, which he feels is a central one for American Jews. Plus he thinks it makes great drama.

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Under Construction: 5 (Mostly) Green Alternatives to Dolores Park

Shutterstock/ holbox

San Franciscans are all too familiar with cramped spaces and obligatory shoulder-to-shoulder contact with strangers.

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Across America: Motorcyclists' Finding Main Street's Photos on Display

Dylan Ozanich
Across America in 50+ Days.
Wyatt McCall and brothers Brant and Dylan Ozanich have really been keeping SF Weekly up to date with the wide-multimedia project Finding Main Street.

For those of you who don't know, the motorcycle trio traveled 10,500 miles through 28 states in a massive circle around the periphery of the continental United States in 55 days. They documented the sights, sounds, and people in every region along the road with photography, video, and blog writing in search of an all-American Main Street.

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Vaya con Dios: Point Break Live Reviewed


Point Break Live isn't for everybody. Readers who find the idea of a show that requires a poncho to protect them from water and fake blood disturbing, or anyone who can't take a bit of dick humor, may need to skip it. But for folks who prefer a little adventure with their theater, Point Break Live will be an absolute blast. The evening feels like a night at the theater, a rock n' roll concert and a wild party all rolled into one. It's loud, hysterical and occasionally frightening.

When the lights first go down, the audience is warned that they will get "wet, bloody or both," and encouraged to get drunk at the bar. Then a montage of pivotal scenes from the movie plays, set to Guns N' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle."

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San Francisco Events for Halloween and Día de Los Muertos 2013

Dia de Los Muertos wall graffitiPhoto Courtesy of AFrostFrolic

Halloween season is already in full swing, and aside from the eventual candy overload expected on All Hallow's Eve, you may be still trying to figure out plans for both Halloween and Día de los Muertos. To make your search easier than trying to find the cherry-flavored Starburst packet in the bottom of a pillow-case bag, we have outlined here some notable events worth checking out. Happy hunting!

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Beyonce Flash Mob Dances to a Medley of Songs (Video)


Did you perhaps see a bunch of "single ladies" dancing downtown on Saturday?

The Beyonce flash mob brought out the dancer in about 50 people as they moved through a choreographed dance to a four-part medley of "Crazy In Love," "Get Me Bodied," "Run The World (Girls)," and of course, "Single Ladies." Dancing through downtown, the Ferry Building plaza, and Union Square, the flash mob caught the attention of tourists and locals alike, inciting cheers and camera phone snapshots.

Check out the flash mob practice session and Castro performance:

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Live-Action Puzzle Game in S.F.: Can You Escape from the Mysterious Room?


It's about 5 p.m. on Sunday, January 20. The 49ers just secured a place in the Superbowl, but I'm not out celebrating, because I'm locked in a room with 11 strangers. Inside the room is a desk, a couch, art, and some random furniture. There are two doors, and both of them are locked. One with a padlock, and the other with a regular door knob. We have one hour to escape.

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Having Boldly Gone: Tales from the Star Trek Convention


I will admit to no small disappointment that even though I was attending Creation Entertainment's Official Star Trek Convention at the Westin St. Francis as press for the Weekly, all I got at registration was the same red wristband they gave to general admission ticket-holders. No excellent lanyard like the one I got at the furries convention, Further Confusion, (the high standard by which all press passes are judged), or even the basic but still beautiful name badge that all My Little Pony attendees at Everfree Northwest received. C'mon, Creation! Some of us are tryin' to build lanyard collections!

Lanyard or not, I got to see what a Star Trek convention looks like in 2012 and I interviewed writer David Gerrold, an early hero of mine, so I ain't complaining. (At least, not too much.)

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Bay Area Crews to Watch at the S.F. Hip Hop Dance Fest this Weekend (Videos)


Fans of popping, locking, turfing, and b-boying will already know what the hottest ticket in street dance is this weekend. But even if you didn't recognize any of those styles, you don't want to sleep on the San Francisco Hip Hop Dance Fest.

Now in its 14th year, the S.F. Hip Hop Dance Fest was the first event of its kind to focus on hip hop, and has grown into an international showcase, with this year's fest featuring performers from England, Norway, Japan, and Chile. While the goal of the HHDF has always been to "present the highest quality Hip Hop dance companies," it shows love to our local groups as well, who more than hold their own with the best in the world.

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