Press Release of the Day: Are Selfies Causing Head Lice Infestations?

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Lice party! #itchy

It seems every news outlet received the same press release this morning: Are 'Selfies' causing head lice infestations?


Upon reading the email, it does in fact appear that selfies can lead to lice -- if you're squishing in with a bunch of buddies for a Instagram photo.

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Throwback Thursday: San Francisco Headline Edition: Oct. 28- Nov. 2

Major League Baseball
A World Series of Ground Breaking Proportions. Literally.
Happy Halloween everyone!

This week in history present to us a dose of scary frights here in the Bay throughout the decades. From extreme gold digger weddings to Giant baseball events in the 80s and 2000s to the start of the Great Depression, we can truly be frightened at what history can teach us. So take a look below as we throw it back to times past, but only if you dare.

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Throwback Thursday: San Francisco Headline Edition: Oct.21-27

Mission Local
No more BART drama for now but only time will tell.

This year's BART debacle may have pissed of the entire Bay Area, but in hindsight, history and San Francisco headlines reveal that BART has been generating controversy since its creation 40 years ago.

Another trend this week in history? If it bleeds -- it leads. Let's take a look at the annals of history for this week here in our haven city of controversy by the decades.

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Seeing Stars: Chewbacca Instagrams his Adventures in San Francisco

When he's not protecting the galaxy, Chewbacca chills at Baker Beach.
It looks like Los Angeles and New York are no longer the home of the stars.

San Francisco has acquired a new resident who is out of this planet in fame and visibility. He is so famous that he doesn't even have a last name.

Chewbacca has landed in the City by the Bay from a galaxy far, far away and he has an Instagram account to prove it.

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GameLink's New Blog: The Naked Truth

Please be age 18 or over to check out this homepage.
Can you handle the truth? The whole truth? The naked truth?, an online pornographic website that specializes in putting out adult movies, sex toys, and live cams, is coming out with a new compendium to their website called GameLink's Naked Truth.

Naked Truth is a blog-styled news hub for the latest happenings in the industry complete with movie and toy reviews, exclusive features that dig deep into the nuances of adult entertainment, exclusive one-on-one interviews with the (porn) stars, and other goodies to get you excited.

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Tonight's TV Forecast: Shark Tornadoes

This is what it looks like inside a shark tornado

A lot of TV shows jump the shark. We prefer when programs confront their sharks directly, in any way, shape, or form, be they sharks in the water or sharks in the sky.

Please, please, please don't miss "Sharknado," a made-for-TV movie premiering on the SyFy channel tonight, at 9 p.m. PST. In what promises to be the most epic racket involving weird animal disasters since Snakes on a Plane, (sans Samuel L. Jackson, unfortunately), disaster strikes SoCal in the form of a freak thunderstorm, lifting and scattering our favorite living fossils to the four winds.

Check out the trailer of massive, whirling tunnels of sharks.

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S.F. Voted Best City for Same Sex Marriage, But the Fight Ain't Over

The engagement cake of Movoto CEO Henry Shao boasts jaunty gay extraterrestrials
While the streets of San Francisco looked like one big gay rainbow this past weekend with the throbbing throngs of Dionysian revelry, something more serious than a party was happening.

Now that DOMA is dead, San Francisco is the place to be, according to a new study by Movoto, which has deemed S.F. the best damn city in the nation for same-sex couples to tie the knot.

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San Francisco Named Snobbiest City in the U.S.

Categories: News


It's official: we can no longer ride on the flowery coattails of our hippie past. San Francisco is now America's snobbiest city, according to an article by Travel & Leisure ranking the Bay's upper-crustiness above New York, Boston and the "exceptionally tidy" residents of Minneapolis. Seriously?

Well, we guess we saw it coming through the lenses of our Google glasses. Here are some other reasons we've reached the crème de la crème of American egotism:

- We're the second most expensive city to live in, behind Manhattan. That's absurd. When a single studio apartment in SOMA costs $1300 a month without a bathroom, you have to ask yourself if all the positive reinforcement on your new sundress from the homeless guy on your street corner is really worth it. And then hyperventilate when you start looking at costlier digs.

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Bisexual Women Twice as Likely to Be Sexually Abused (Study)


In 2011, we found out that bisexual women tend to be more depressed and anxious than their straight counterparts, possibly due to bisexual stigma, researchers surmised. Now a new study shows that bisexual women are also more likely to be sexually and physically abused by their (often male) partners.

See Also: Porn Stars Have Higher Self-Esteem, Spirituality than Other Women: Study

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Adobe Books Hopes to Avoid Shuttering by Becoming a Co-Op

Thumbnail image for 3428687344_0d3ec00229_z.jpg

By Lydia Laurenson

"There are a lot of journalists here tonight," Andrew McKinley, owner of Adobe Books, said as he poured me some wine. Indeed, I spotted no fewer than three people seeking commentary while taking handwritten notes, and one with a microphone. It made sense: a lot of San Franciscans thought the well-loved bookstore was closing due to skyrocketing rent. Wednesday night was rumored to be a "farewell reading" featuring three of the city's most remarkable writers.

See also: Bookstore Hero Wanted: Two San Francisco Stores in Trouble

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