Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Jonny Drubel's Message to LGBT Kids: Coming Out Matters

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Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Jonny Drubel is part of the ensemble cast of E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, yet another entry in the reality series sweepstakes. Since its debut in January, Rich Kids has drawn sharp criticism for its "narcissism" and glorification of material wealth. And like much of the negative publicity these days, the bad reviews seem to have attracted viewers, many of whom no doubt would love to sample the idle-rich lifestyle. The show quickly garnered a sizable fan base, averaging a million viewers per episode. Only nine episodes were produced for the freshman season, but the series returns for a second season in August.

But Drubel is focused on something else other than just the rich kid lifestyle -- and this one is much closer to his heart. And it comes from his past.

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Archie Andrews 1941-2014: A Beloved Comic Character Dies

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Cover for Life With Archie #36

The Archie comics franchise had fallen by the wayside in recent years. The once popular stories about teen life in the fictional town of Riverdale had become tired -- a relic from another era that had failed to grow with the times.

But in 2010, Archie began its remarkable resurgence with the introduction of Kevin Keller, a new, openly gay character at Riverdale High. Jughead suddenly had competition as Archie's best friend.

Now, Archie takes on the biggest leap of all: he takes a bullet meant for Kevin -- and dies -- in "Life With Archie" #36, published today.

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Meet Your SF Pride Grand Marshal: E! Talk Show Host Ross Mathews

Courtesy of E! Entertainment

Ross Mathews, aka the artist formerly known as Ross the Intern turned host of Hello Ross! on E!, can now add another title to his ever-evolving resume: grand marshal at San Francisco Pride.

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An Affair to Remember: Q&A with Alex & Ali Director Malachi Leopold

Facebook/ Alex & Ali

Hollywood is constantly on the lookout for the next great love story and Berkeley-based filmmaker Malachi Leopold may have found it buried beneath years of his own family's history.

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Artist Frank Pietronigro Turns Anti-Gay Slurs Into Healing Art

David-Elijah Nahmod
Frank Pietronigro at work in the Johnston Gallery window.

Openly gay artist Frank Pietronigro will no doubt invite controversy with his newly installed exhibit at Johnston Gallery on Market Street in the Castro. Prominently seen on one side of the gallery's front window, and across the sidewalk outside, are words that have been used to degrade LGBT people.

Pietronigro, has taken anti-gay slurs from the present day, and from decades past, and stenciled them onto the street for all to see. Salt was used in the process, he says, because salt represents the salt rubbed into the wounds of the many LGBT people who've been hurt by the use of these words.

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The Case Against 8: HBO's Prop. 8 Doc Mesmerizes

June 23 will see the premiere of The Case Against 8, HBO's riveting documentary about the lawsuit which resulted in the tossing of Proposition 8, California's voter-approved ban on same sex marriage. The suit brought marriage equality back to the Golden State.


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Fresh Meat Festival: Supporting Transgender and Queer Artists

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Courtesy Fresh Meat Productions

Feeling isolated never really deterred Sean Dorsey from getting what he wanted.

"I think that growing up and [...] never seeing another person like me in modern dance -- and so few transgender artists even being able to be onstage or getting visibility -- was the fire that [pushed] me."

Canadian-born Dorsey arrived in San Francisco looking to create a revolutionary platform for artists from the queer and transgender community. "I knew the talent was there. I knew the artists were there and the art was being made," he says, "It was just about people being given the opportunity."

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Gender Bending Cabaret Artist Justin Vivian Bond Comes to Feinstein's

Justin Vivian Bond

Later this month the gender bending cabaret legend Justin Vivian Bond will perform in San Francisco. If you're unfamiliar with Bond, Bond has always defied convention. Technically transgender, the singer rejects the conventions of either gender, preferring the prefix Mx instead of Mr. or Ms. And don't call Bond she -- use the letter V instead.

Bond's queer persona has enhanced the performer's career. An award winning cabaret headliner, Bond was nominated for a Tony Award in 2007 for "Kiki and Herb: Alive on Broadway" -- Bond portrayed Kiki, the aging, embittered chanteuse at a variety of venues for more than a decade.

But these days Bond is a solo act, playing to packed houses on both coasts and in Europe. And Bond's latest show, coming to the Hotel Nikko on June 21 and 22, "Love Is Crazy!," is described in a press release as "an evening to celebrate love and all it's complications."

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Asian Art Museum and SFMOMA Explore what Gorgeous Means

Courtesy of SFMOMA
Mark Rothko, Number 14

For the first time, two major San Francisco museums -- the Asian Art Museum and SFMOMA -- will have a show combining star pieces from their collections. Gorgeous, which opens on June 20, with 72 works of art spanning more than 2,000 years and organized into loose groupings (including "Seduction," "Fantasy," and "Danger,") goes beyond beauty. For thousands of years, there have been academic discourses on beauty. But this show isn't about that.

"We're more interested in the outliers," says Allison Harding, the assistant curator of contemporary art at the Asian Art Museum. "Exaggeration or kitsch have a way of provoking people to think about what their personal boundaries are, and what their assumptions and preconceptions are. That visceral reaction is part of the work."

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Off Shore: Cultural Hub for Queer, Drag, Gay, and Sex Culture

Courtesy Constance Hockaday and Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure's summer series Off Shore, is in its third week, giving various artists a chance to show audiences how waterways and bays can be used as an artistic medium. So far the gallery has explored forgotten waterways within the city examined the historical Mission Creek neighborhood. Next, Off Shore moves into the water with a floating installation performance by iconic local queer businesses such as the Lusty Lady and Esta Noche -- put together by artist Constance Hockaday.

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