San Francisco Family Participated in Project to Document the Trash Habits of American Families

Peter Menzel & Faith D'Aluisio
Waste in Focus Project, Developed and Independently Produced by Peter Menzel & Faith D'Aluisio

How much of what you throw out every week do you think can be composted or recycled?

San Franciscans tend to be more conscious of what they throw in the garbage bin than most U.S. cities, with compost bins in (practically) every establishment and charging for bags in every store.

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Translation, Best Friends, Greek Politics and Free Wine and Beer

Open Letters Books. Credit: Nathan Furl.
How I Killed My Best Friend

Amanda Michalopoulou, one of Greece's leading authors, has written short stories, a children's series, and five other novels, along with her latest, How I Killed My Best Friend. And she'll be at The Book Club of California this Friday, doing a reading followed by a conversation with her translator, Karen Emmerich about this latest book, which Gary Shteyngart (author of Super Sad True Love Story and the memoir Little Failure,) called " flawlessly translated." He went on to say she uses the backdrop of "Greek politics, radical protests, and the art world to explore the dangers and joys that come with BFFs. Or, as the narrator puts it, 'odiodsamato,' which translates roughly as 'frienemies.'"

In How I Killed My Best Friend, Michalopoulou writes about, Maria, an African immigrant to Greece, who becomes friends with Anna, a transplant from Paris. The two girls navigate grade school in the '70s, in post-dictatorship Greece.

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Free Flower Deliveries in San Francisco Next Week

Categories: Free Events


There's nothing like a random act of kindness -- whether a stranger holds the door open for you when you're leaving a building, or say, someone sends you flowers, a kind gesture can go a long way. So if you're feeling inspired to make someone's day, then this free flower delivery is for you.

KIND granola bars and the Bicycle Film Festival have partnered up to deliver free flowers and messages of kindness in several cities around the U.S. Currently, they're delivering flowers to people in Austin, Texas, but we're next!

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Just in Time for National Library Week, Now you can Access Library Materials Online

hoopla digital

People don't go to the library as much as they used to. And why would they, when almost every book is available as an eBook or for purchase on Kindle? Plus, to go to the library, you have to actually get off your couch and take the bus or drive all the way there, and then you have to wait in line, and then worry about when your books and movies are due. The struggle.

But a lot of eBooks are only excerpts, and not everything is available on Kindle. Double struggle.

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Blogger Breaks Down Facebook Check-Ins in S.F.: Here are the Highlights

Categories: Blogs

Just checking-in

In case you were wondering, The Cheesecake Factory at Union Square has 155,356 Facebook check-ins and counting (18 of which were from friends of mine), and ranks as San Francisco's 12th most checked-in place.

Blogger Max Woolf mapped out check-ins in S.F. -- which has approximately 8,000 Facebook places to check-in -- to discover where San Franciscans (and tourists) are publicly visiting.

Whether it's that you think people actually care you're at the Giants game, you're searching for hipster points by tagging yourself at Dolores Park, or that you're simply addicted to Facebook, your check-ins are recorded. Here are the highlights of your self-idolatry:

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Le Video Strikes Back: A Sequel for the Awesome Video Store


Things are looking up for Le Video. The store, which carries an estimated 80-100,000 titles and was expected to close by the end of April, is now planning to stay open. This is thanks to a successful Indiegogo campaign, a recent uptick in customer support, and the addition of Green Apple Books as a tenant.

Le Video owner and founder Catherine Tchen recently explained her plan to SF Weekly. While the store is going stay open, it won't look exactly the same.

Green Apple Books will take over the bottom floor of the building, and Le Video will move into the mezzanine upstairs. All of the films will be added to an online database that customers can search from home or at a kiosk in the store, and then pick up their movie at the counter. The upstairs area will have a smaller browsing selection than the current store, but the entire collection will still be available. Tchen promises to keep as many movies on display as possible, and is much more upbeat about Le Video's future than she was in March.

"The mezzanine space will be awesome," Tchen says. "We'll still be able to display way more movies than the average video store; at least 25,000."

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Ubisoft Re-imagines Fairytale RPG with Child of Light

Categories: Video games

Take that!

For me, video games have always been about the epic experience. Games like Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom of Hearts definitely molded the the RPG and action/adventure genres with their production packages that infused engaging story lines and moving music with stunning imagery. Ubisoft announced, April 9, partnerships with Cirque du Soleil Media™ and the singer and pianist Coeur de Pirate to take epic proportions to the next level with the new title, Child of Light.

While I'm in my late 20s and more drawn to Call of Duty, the Batman Arkham series, or Assassin's Creed and the like, this game looks awesome.

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Game of Thrones Season Four, Episode Two: Purple Wedding

Categories: TV

The Slayer

Say what you want about George RR Martin killing off main characters right and left, but he does seem to save the particularly grisly deaths for the real baddies. Remember Daenery's brother's horrible death-by-molten-gold poured on his head? Joffrey's painful death by poisoning at his nuptials pales in comparison yet was entirely satisfying. "Red Wedding," part deux indeed.

I always knew Joffrey wasn't long for this world, not only because he was a horrid little elfin sadist, but because the actor who played him, Jack Gleeson, has been quite vocal that once his time on the show ended he would give up acting. This is probably a good idea because, though he was delightfully wicked, there was always something a little off about his acting; I felt like I was watching a high school production of King Lear or something.

Poor Tyrion is blamed for the death, though we know it was really Joffrey's fool that carried it out. Now he will be banished to a cell somewhere until he can either prove his innocence or wait for the Lannisters to lose their power. He had already sent his mistress packing after fearing that she would be killed, now that his loving family had found out about her.

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How to Find the Hook Up Truck

Hook up truck/ Instagram

Last month we mentioned a hook up truck was now roaming San Francisco streets. And now, those who want to go for a romp with their partners can find out where the hook up truck is parked, via the truck's social media platforms.

You can check out the Facebook page, Instagram profile, and the hashtag #hookuptruck on Twitter to find the trucks location and see snapshots, and potentially reviews, from truck visitors.

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Silicon Valley, Episode Two: Revenge of the Nerds Flashback

Categories: TV

Let's Party

After months of watching new shows online and on TV that have been produced by people who are trying and failing to create "edgy" comedies. I'm happy to say that Silicon Valley is not only awesome, but, unlike those other shows, actually gets funnier in the second episode. Happily, all the jokes were not crammed into the first one and left to lager with each subsequent airing.

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