Camp Grounded Reconnects Adults With Childhood Roots

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Scott Sporleder
Ah, to make believe...

Sometimes being an adult sucks.

Responsibility!? Ugh, I'm over it! There's not enough time for the work that today demands. And the anxiety inducing smartphone crams everything into a fingertip's reach -- where it never leaves your over-caffeinated, twitching hands -- as you're constantly plugged in, scheduling meetings, emailing clients, texting friends, posting photos to social media (writing this alone stresses me out ::takes sip of second large iced coffee::) so on and so forth.

But remember being a kid? Remember not having a care in the world, where your day's challenge involved deciding what afternoon recess game made the cut for the day: marbles, tag, or dodgeball?

Well, summer's light glistens on the horizon, and Digital Detox, an Oakland-based organization dedicated to providing device-free events, lends a playground for your mischievousness to ensue. Camp Grounded, an offshoot of Digital Detox, is a summer camp -- and it's for adults!

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Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race: Help Support This Awesome Event

Godofredo Vasquez

The annual Big Wheel race down San Francisco's true crookedest street is scheduled to happen on Easter! There's nothing quite like celebrating Jesus's ascension into Heaven like riding that early-morning candy high while watching Jesuses, nuns, bunnies, and others, pass each other in a no-holds-bar race for holy praise. But this year -- it almost didn't happen.

Call it a divine miracle, but the organizers have decided to go on with the race, even though they're under funded. As the race site states, "Our grand total is currently $2260 and we decided we are going to make BYOBW 2014 happen, even if it means going into debt. Why? Because we love the event just as much as you."

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Color Me Bad: Holiday Coloring Book Made for Adults That You can Appreciate All Year


Ever envy kids? Sure you have. Just look at them in relation to Christmas. They're high off sugar, drunk off eggnog, and absolutely giddy with the delusional belief that Santa Claus brought all those expensive gifts... overnight... through the chimney.

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Do you Dare? Strip to Your Skivvies and Take the Polar Bear Plunge

At least it's not this cold in San Francisco

If you're ready to meet 2014 buck naked* amongst a crowd of freezing people on a wintry beach -- then this is the event for you.

Splash into the chilly waters of the Pacific on New Year's Day in an annual tradition known to some as the Polar Bear Plunge and to others as how-you-get-hypothermia. According to Surfline, the water temperature at noon has been hovering near 51 degrees -- cold, but at least it's above freezing!

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Where to Celebrate New Year's Eve
(Goodbye, 2013)

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You can have a Blue Hawaii NYE

This year brought us the adventure of Batkid, twerking, BART strikes, and more. But now is the time to kiss 2013 goodbye in style. We've rounded up a few ways to celebrate NYE in S.F. -- instead of watching the ball drop from your apartment (again).

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San Francisco Events: New Year's Eve

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San Francisco Christmas Cards That Make Us Laugh

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Noise13/Very Merry Mixmas

We think we'd keep these cards for ourselves -- those Midwest relatives wouldn't appreciate them as much as we do anyway, and they'll make us laugh all year.

These letterpress Christmas cards feature the Fisherman's Wharf bushman, a Nutcracker in bondage, and hipster Mr. and Mrs. Claus, among others. The cards are 5x7, the perfect size to attach to our fridge for the entirety of 2014. Check out all the images on Nosie13, and you can order them through the Very Merry Mixmas site.

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Renegade Craft Fair: Hip Gift Options for Procrastinators

Renegade Craft Fair
A very small sampling of what you'll find

If you're like most Americans, you're just getting your Christmas shopping done now. Lucky for you, there's a pretty awesome craft fair happening this weekend. If you haven't been to one of the Renegade Craft Fairs before, don't expect the tired crafts of Christmas fairs' past. Designers are selling a wide range of items, from letterpress prints to handmade clothes to geometric planters -- and far more.

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A Decade of Christmas: Bad Santa, Elf and Love Actually Turn 10

Love Actually, Elf, and Bad Santa turn 10

Holiday movies just haven't been the same ever since Macaulay Culkin hit puberty in the early 90s.

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San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker: Classic Version Set in the City By the Bay

Photo of Frances Chung and Jaime Garcia Castilla by Erik Tomasson

Sometimes it's hard to feel the Christmas spirit when the sun never stops shining, the leaves stay green, and only the briefest glazings of frost edge the blades of grass in the park. Theatrical interventions abound in the Bay Area with Nutcrackers of various ilk, from Jewish to drag to dance-along Caribbean, but if you want the real traditional deal, settle in a plush velvet seat in the War Memorial Opera House and treat yourself to the one danced by America's most venerable ballet company.

San Francisco Ballet has graced their stage with the Nutcracker longer than anyone else in the nation, premiering a version choreographed by William Christensen on Christmas Eve 1944. This was replaced by current SFB artistic director Helgi Tomasson's production 60 years later, which transplants the ballet based on the Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E. T. A. Hoffmann -- about a girl who rescues a boy from the curse of a rodent queen -- to a painted lady house on the trolley-lined streets of San Francisco.

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Holiday Shopping: Trees at the Edge of the Earth


Sometimes the best places to buy things are also the hardest places to find. This is the case with Mountain Mama's Christmas Trees.

A Google search turns up no website for the business; their Facebook page hasn't been updated since 2012, and the phone number listed on Yelp leads to a friendly voicemail, but no mention of Christmas, or trees. And if that isn't enough to dissuade the average tree shopper, the place is all the way out at Ocean Beach -- on the western edge of the Outer Sunset.

But an in-person visit to Mountain Mama's reveals a laid back Christmas tree lot, with an Ocean Beach vibe, and an Outer Sunset price.

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"It actually started as a dare," said Alexis Davies, who runs the tree lot with long-time friends Danny Dufficy and Marty Magnusen.

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