NBC's Rosemary's Baby: French Twist on a Classic Chiller

The baby is coming!

On Sunday night, the Peacock network unveils its reimagined version of Rosemary's Baby -- the seminal 1968 horror classic which brought respectability, including an Oscar for co-star Ruth Gordon, to the often maligned horror genre.

At the time horror films were often considered cinema's "poor relation," and were considered strictly drive-in fare. Director Roman Polanski, the then darling of the art house set, surprised and mesmerized moviegoers by creating a character-driven mood piece completely devoid of the shocks often associated with the genre. The end result was unnerving.

Polanski's Rosemary's Baby went on to become not only a horror classic, but one of cinema's all time greats.

Will NBC's reimagining -- as the network calls its new, four-hour film -- cut the muster, or will fans of the original reject it?

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Belle SF is Here! Tastefully Naughty, and Literate

Belle SF Magazine #1

Last fall, SF Weekly interviewed David Beaulieu, City resident and entrepreneur who, together with his wife Melissa, was preparing to launch Belle SF, a new quarterly print magazine.

The wait is over. Belle SF issue one has arrived.

Belle SF promises to resurrect the glory days of Playboy. The magazine will feature tasteful, artfully-lit photos of beautiful women in the nude. Nothing too graphic, but skin will definitely be on display. The magazine will also feature works by local artists and writers: art, culture and nudity is the motto.

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Behold! Mr. Marina 2014 is Crowned

Christopher Victorio

Ah, 'tis that time of year again for $9 Bud Lights and a bevy of beautiful beefcakes shaking their stuff on stage -- the crowning Mr. Marina 2014.

Last night's festivities kicked off at the Regency Ballroom packed to the rafters with a heady blur of neon, pastel, party dresses and Wolf of Wall Street t-shirts; I couldn't tell if I was in Vegas, the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore. Disoriented I made my way through to the crowd (most of whom brandish -- or wear -- their favorite contestants' swag) and head to the bar because as MC and Mr. Marina founder Brianna Haag reminds me, those drinks are philanthropic tonight!

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Where the Bears Are: Oh My!

They're beefy! They're hairy! They're bears! And they solve murders!

If you're a fan of Murder She Wrote and have a yen for big, hairy, gay guys, Where the Bears Are might be the show for you. Now preparing to shoot its third season, real life bear pals Ben Zook, Joe Dietl and Rick Copp are the stars, and the creative team behind this light, funny look at at three beefy LA guys who solve murders while they search for Mr. Right!

The guys engage in some of the wittiest banter this side of The Golden Girls. Co-star Rick Copp wrote many of the Bears' scripts. Copp knows a thing or two about comedy: his many credits include authoring the screenplay for The Brady Bunch Movie (1995). He even worked on The Golden Girls, which is one of Bear' influences. The Los Angeles resident chatted with SF Weekly about his furry offspring.

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Big Bad Wolf: Crime and Punishment in the Trailer Park

Big Bad Wolf: DVD Box cover

Originally titled Huff, Paul Morrell's violent new psycho-thriller comes out on DVD today as Big Bad Wolf. The credits claim that the story was inspired by The Three Little Pigs. Though there are thematic similarities between the film and the children's nursery rhyme, Big Bad Wolf is closer in tone to a crime thriller, with elements of slasher classics like Halloween and Friday the 13th added for good measure.

The film's title, and it's marketing campaign misled some to assume that Big Bad Wolf is a werewolf movie. It is not.

Charlie O'Connell, a likable actor best known for his work in lighter fare, gets to show off his acting chops in this movie. As Huff, the stepfather from hell, he screams, laughs maniacally, and kills one person after another (sometimes after torturing them) with a rage-filled glee that's genuinely frightening. O'Connell is superb, and may have opened up his career to all new possibilities with this performance.

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Guilty Pleasure Show: Snog Marry Avoid

Before and after

When we were young, we watched our fair share of garbage TV during the summer, and one of our favorites was when Maury would bring on goth and punk teens to give them wholesome makeovers.

Now, we get to relive those days in these short clips on YouTube, from the British show, Snog Marry Avoid. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the reality show, it's based on the premise of giving people makeunders -- removing their makeup and changing up their wardrobe.

The clips are addictive, so give yourself some time to watch these quick transformations.

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San Franciscans Are More Interested in Plastic Surgery Than ... Los Angeles

San Francisco no longer keeping it real

Remember back in December when we confirmed that San Francisco is indeed filled with total hotties? Well, turns out that beauty might not be so natural after all.

According to RealSelf, San Francisco falls no. 5 on the top 10 list of cities where people are most interested in getting plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery scientists analyzed tens of millions of consumer online searches for cosmetic surgery between November 2013 and January 2014 to draw up their conclusions about which places are most plastic. Perhaps you find it hard to believe that San Franciscans, whose standard dress code is disheveled, are searching for cosmetic surgery guidance. But what's even more shocking to us is that we seem to be tapping into the boob lift and Botox scene even more than our frenemies down in Hollywood -- at least as of late.

Here's the full list:

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San Francisco Social Media Abuzz Over Gerard Butler Sightings

Gerard Butler news/ Google+
Oh look, it's Gerard!

One would think San Francisco had never seen a famous person before. Social media platforms are abuzz with numerous sightings of a very dapper-looking Gerard Butler walking through San Francisco.

The Google+ Gerard Butler -- news page (yes, we are in fact, not kidding), has almost a play-by-play of his every move.

According to one person who spotted Gerard Butler, he's in town for a Hugo Boss commercial. Good job Boss, he does look good in that suit.

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Al Goldstein, Creator of Screw Magazine and Free Speech Advocate, Dies (1936-2013)

Al Goldstein and his infamous creation, Screw Magazine

A few decades back, free speech advocates held a rally in New York City's Washington Square Park. The issue at hand was an attempt by local conservatives to get several late night adult programs which were seen on channel 35, Manhattan cable's paid public access TV station, removed from the airwaves.

One of the speakers was a frail, 80-ish Al Lewis, fondly remembered as Grandpa on the 1960s sitcom The Munsters. "Don't let them silence you," Lewis shouted, his fist in the air, "Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em!" For years afterward, Al Goldstein ran clips of Lewis' speech on Midnight Blue, his long running, hilariously raunchy channel 35 chat show.

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Stocking Stuffer: Enviromental Condom to Raise Awareness of Human Population Growth

Center for Biological Diversity
Use it or Lose It.

For the guys who still don't have the perfect gift for that special someone, maybe you're considering using your God-endowed gift? (After wrapping it up of course!) Here's another benefit of wrapping it up, according to the The Center for Biological Diversity, it can save the dwarf seahorse!

This holiday season, The Center is handing out 25,000 free Endangered Species Condoms in all 50 states. Why? The Center hopes to raise awareness of the devastating effects of human population growth and over consumption on endangered plants and animals. According to their press release:

"More than 200,000 people are added to the planet every day and, according to the United Nations, global human population could reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. As the human population grows, wildlife pays the price as wildlife habitat is developed, air and water are polluted and the climate crisis deepens."
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