San Francisco Family Participated in Project to Document the Trash Habits of American Families

Peter Menzel & Faith D'Aluisio
Waste in Focus Project, Developed and Independently Produced by Peter Menzel & Faith D'Aluisio

How much of what you throw out every week do you think can be composted or recycled?

San Franciscans tend to be more conscious of what they throw in the garbage bin than most U.S. cities, with compost bins in (practically) every establishment and charging for bags in every store.

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Belle SF is Here! Tastefully Naughty, and Literate

Belle SF Magazine #1

Last fall, SF Weekly interviewed David Beaulieu, City resident and entrepreneur who, together with his wife Melissa, was preparing to launch Belle SF, a new quarterly print magazine.

The wait is over. Belle SF issue one has arrived.

Belle SF promises to resurrect the glory days of Playboy. The magazine will feature tasteful, artfully-lit photos of beautiful women in the nude. Nothing too graphic, but skin will definitely be on display. The magazine will also feature works by local artists and writers: art, culture and nudity is the motto.

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SF Carve: Inaugural Sand Sculpture International Competition Docks in the Presidio

SF Carve/ Facebook
Sand art of Sue McGrew, a featured artist at SF Carve.
San Francisco beaches aren't know for being luxurious getaways like their Southern California and Florida counterparts. Infamously known for being too extreme in wind, fog, and overall cold weather, it's apt that they will be the site for an extreme sports competition.

No, it won't be another America's Cup or surfing event; rather, this will be out of the water and onto the beach -- literally.

Hub Strategy, a San Francisco PR and advertising agency will host the first ever, international sand sculpture competition called Carve San Francisco with nine sculptors and their respective teams flown in from all over the world for five days to create massive works of art from more than 400 tons of sand.

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How to Win the Date Site Arms Race: Targets Couples

Categories: Dating, Events, Food

Imagining San Francisco from his office in Brooklyn, dating site co-CEO Brian Schechter has no trouble spitting out sunny characterizations. His favorite: The West Coast city is "a playground for romantic experiences" -- a place where a high concentration of jaundiced, single, over-educated but largely dissatisfied adults are bumbling through one of the most vibrant arts and retail corridors in the world, trying to figure out what to do with their disposable income.

If you're a guy running a dating site, that world could easily be your oyster.

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Local Crowdfunded Campaign of the Week: Food for Thought

Live Oak School Potrero Hill Learning Garden/100 Gardens Initiative

Last week, we broke down the crowdfunding process for you and pitched an awesome organization working to promote sexual health awareness. This week's local crowdfunded campaign is also about public health -- this time cultivating green thumbs and educating the community about healthy food choices.

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It Gets Batter: Teen Comes Out to Parents with a Cake

pun cake.jpg
via Tumblr

In perhaps the most adorable coming out story ever, 15-year-old Laurel (and Ellen DeGeneres fan) decided to tell her parents she's gay with a cake and a pun-filled note.

Here's the full note, in all its gratuitous pun glory:

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Read Local: How to Be a Real Cook

cooks wisdom.jpg

New York City might be home to the big houses, but this scrappy city just happens to be the epicenter of publishing on the Best Coast. Join Alexis Coe every Wednesday for Read Local, a series on books produced in the Bay Area.

"Cooking is often one disaster after another. What you learn is the only thing you can't fix is a soufflé."

This quote by Julia Child, who needs no introduction herself, serves to introduce a book that promises to arm you with the kind of knowledge that makes a chef. I'm not talking about someone who can drive to a fancy food store and buy imported truffles snuffed out by a female pig. That requires little more than a nice-sized bank account, which also seems to be the only prerequisite a person needs in order to declare oneself a "foodie."

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Increase your California Cred with these 10 Bay Area Books

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Video of the Day: Fight Hunger with Football

John Todd
former Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick, now of the 49ers.

Just when AT&T Park has had a chance to cool off after the Giants' World Series win, another high profile event comes to town. But this one's in tune with the holiday spirit. The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Game, recently renamed from the previous incarnation as the Emerald Bowl, is the premiere event in the college football bowl lineup.

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My Drunk Kitchen Gets Fancy with HD, Celebrity Guest Spots, and a Tour
Hannah Hart

Julia Child, who would have celebrated her 100th birthday this year, ended many of her cooking segments with a plated meal and a glass of wine. The lady loved to drink -- so much so, that she dedicated the preamble of her seminal book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, to the subject.

Bay Area native, Hannah Hart, has taken Child's modus operandi to disastrous and hilarious new heights. Hart is the brain behind My Drunk Kitchen, a YouTube series dedicated to the art of inebriated cooking.

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Brighten Your Nights with San Francisco's Plentiful and Free Holiday Tree Lightings

Hanna Quevedo

The election is over, Black Friday is behind us, and the holiday season is in full swing. Shoppers are out and about, we're all frantically trying to get caught up on work before our vacations, Macy's Holiday Tree is lit and brightening up Union Square and -- wait a minute -- Macy's tree is lit? Yep, it's true. Once again, we have missed the holiday tree lighting in Union Square. But don't despair if you're reading this with a similar panicked reaction; we've found a couple more tree lightings to round out the holidays for all you procrastinators.

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