Trangela Lansbury Goes Makeup Shopping!

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Elijah Nouvelage

We get a lot of press releases around here, so when one came in for the new M•A•C store, we knew who to send. Check out our guest review from Trangela Lansbury!

"Hey Gurl, did you hear M•A•C just opened a new shop?"

"Yeah? No. (giggles)"

"Yeah it's a pro-fusion-store (hair toss) like airbrush makeup n' stuff, but they have regular shit too."

"Oh, that sounds cyute."

It was cyute. When I was trying to find the new M•A•C Cosmetics Pro-flagship store, I couldn't. It was wallpapered in ads, so from far away it looks like the building was still under construction. Once I walked in, it looked like a regular makeup shop, but upon closer inspection, it was actually pretty cool.

The store was a hive of energy with loads of makeup artists, costumers and looky-loos buzzin' around. Like five M•A•C employees heard I was coming to write this article and they greeted me at the door, all at once -- all this makeup smiling back at me, and one hot guy that wasn't wearing makeup at all (Or was he? He looked flawless, but maybe he just really knew how to paint). Anyway, it was intense. Part of me wanted to be incognito and discover all the makeup on my own, while the other part of me wished they kicked it up a notch and brought me a bottle of champagne and a bag of free makeup -- neither happened.

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Bootie Babe: A San Francisco Nail Polish Company That Loves a Good Rump

Categories: Fashion

SuperBooty LLC
I like big...

It turns out booty bottles are pretty hard to make.

Former front man of the 15-piece funk and disco tribute band Superbooty, Mark O'Hara, latest venture is Bootie Babe, a San Francisco-based nail polish company that features colors -- as groovy as the former band's music -- in rounded-rump bottles.

"At SuperBooty concerts we sold T-shirts and stickers and I always wanted to sell other booty themed products but was too busy to get involved in manufacturing," says O'Hara.

But after the band disbanded in 2008, he had time for other booty ventures, like SuperBooty LLC, which produces the Bootie Babe nail polishes.

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Tourism for Locals: Storage Takes On New Meaning with Aether SF

Recycled and Re purposed

Although it appears the really, really cold days of winter are winding down, every San Franciscan needs to invest in a warm coat, when our beloved, worn-out SF State or 49er hoodies can't handle it anymore.

So it's time for a little bit of post-holiday retail therapy; and for this week's Tourism for Locals, we're sending you to do a little window shopping at a new building that is local, sleek, and constructed out of old, abandoned shipping containers.

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Q&A: Nigel Barker Discusses Selfies, Supermodels & His Latest Photo Collection

Jonathan Ramos' iPhone
Nigel Barker demonstrates the art of selfles.

Selfie reigns supreme this week after Oxford Dictionary named it the word of the year. However, Nigel Barker had a different word in mind when he presented his latest photo collection to a packed house last night at the pop-up shop: accessibility.

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Oy: E! Online Identifies the Wrong Chinese Victoria's Secret Model

Anton Oparin /
This is Ming Xi.

Nobody's perfect -- not even the exotic beauties with the long limbs, sharp-as-glass cheekbones and seductive eyes who strut down the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway every fall.

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Strike a Pose: Nigel Barker & Shawn Waldron to Discuss Fashion Photography

lev radin / lev radin

Tyra Banks and company have significantly enhanced the English language throughout the past decade on America's Next Top Model.

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Checkmate: San Francisco Ranks Third for Flannel Cities in the U.S.

Danny Tanner wears flannel

This is the only time when San Francisco will gladly step aside and be a bridesmaid, but only if the bride wears Doc Martens and goes by the name Seattle.

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Pop Your Collar: San Francisco Ranks First for Preppiest Cities

Shutterstock/ drewsent
Riddle me this: When was the last time you saw someone in San Francisco wearing a pink polo shirt (collar up!), khaki pants held tight by a black leather woven belt and Lacoste penny loafers?

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T-Shirts Made to Fit From Pickwick & Weller

Categories: Fashion

Alexander George

At a time when enterprise millionaires are wearing holey jeans instead of French cuff shirts, the idea of the working professional t-shirt makes sense. Pickwick & Weller was founded by three men with a shared frustration for how, despite the clothing's ubiquity in their industries, no one had really managed to make a t-shirt that was both comfortable, and congruous with the casual aesthetics of a Bay Area startup. For the moment, forget that one of those three men is famous t-shirt-wearer and startup investor Ashton Kutcher and focus on how they've made a $30 shirt that's better than anything you could buy for three figures in a Post Street boutique.

Ryan Donahue, one of the three founders and a veteran San Francisco graphic designer whose former employers include a nascent PayPal, thought of the t-shirt as a personal essential that should be made with the same precision as any other daily staple. "I think about what I use everyday," he says. "My laptop, my iPhone, jeans, and I wear a t-shirt everyday."

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Dress Spiffily Tailored for Cheap By Using the Measuring Tape Yourself

Categories: Fashion


The men and women who make big money here do it in jeans and sweatshirts -- Twitter's Jack Dorsey aside -- and if you are among the professional men here who want to adopt more mature aesthetics, the process of getting a suit isn't simple. Besides knowing where to buy good material without getting gouged, there's the issue of finding a tailor who can make your most expensive outfit flattering enough to wear. If you have $500 and an inclination or obligation to adopt pre-Zuckerberg business dress, Indochino is a novel melding of old world of tailoring and modern data storage that can outfit you.

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