Tourism for Locals: Tuning into San Francisco's T.V. History

Juan De Anda/SF Weekly
Tuning into San Francisco history.

While you've been spotting what San Francisco sites were featured on the season premiere of HBO's Looking this past Sunday, we were checking out a local landmark that will probably never be featured on the show, but nonetheless, is key to this drama -- and every other television program in history.

Sitting at 202 Green is a small, historical plaque marking the spot of where television was created.

Yes, t.v. was created right here in San Francisco. It was invented by a man that is probably the most famous inventor you've never heard of: Philo T Farnsworth.

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On the Road: Finding Main Street's Trio Release Trailer of Cross-Country Documentary

All Images Courtesy of Dylan Ozanich
Brant Ozanich, Wyatt McCall and Dylan Ozanich chronicle their adventures in state hopping.

The motorcycle cross-country adventures of Wyatt McCall and brothers Dylan and Brant Ozanich finally have a teaser trailer of what they experienced on the road.

Finding Main Street is the collaborative project of the three San Francisco residents and recent college grads chronicling their sojourn across the United States on $500 motorcycles (purchased on Craigslist) during last summer; the trip was possible with the help of Kickstarter.

In 55 days, McCall and the Ozanich brothers traveled 10,500 miles through 28 states in a massive circle around the periphery of the continental United States. They documented the sights, sounds, and people in every region along the road with photography, video, and blog writing in search of an all-American Main Street.

See More: From S.F. to N.Y.: Finding Main Street Across America (Slideshow)

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Motorcycle Diaries: Three Young Men Document America on the Road

Photo Courtesy of Dylan Ozanich
From left to right: Dylan Ozanich, Wyatt McCall, Brant Ozanich
Three young men sit in their back porch of their Outer Sunset home rolling crumpled, loose leaf American Spirit tobacco leaves into tiny cigarette cylinders and chain smoke frequently while taking sips from their camel-brown colored cans of Coors.

Their skin is tanned like that of a broken-in leather jacket showing signs of weathering various climates -- pouring rain, blistering heat, bitter cold, urban smog, and damp humidity. They are visibly tired and exhausted with slow heaving shoulders, drooping eyelids, and drawn out sentences that are meticulous and pronounced with a slight drawl that hugs the sounds of their speech.

Nonetheless, there's an excitement and euphoric longing in the men's eyes like they have discovered wonders beyond belief. Their being exudes a sense of liberation and acute self-awareness. They act like men that know where they have been, have tasted adventure, and welcome uncertainty and the unknown. They are charismatic, magnetic, and prideful of the feat they just accomplished and they deserve to be so.

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Sketchbook Project Comes to San Francisco, Mobile Art Library Takes U.S. by Storm

A sketch from "Numbered, Weighed, Divided" by Greg Kletsel of Brooklyn, NY.

Calling all art geeks -- self-proclaimed, professional, philistine and otherwise -- The Sketchbook Project is coming to San Francisco.

Founded in 2006 by by SCAD schoolmates Steven Peterman and Shane Zucker, The Sketchbook Project is an ever-evolving, crowd-sourced library of artists' sketchbooks
hailing from more than 130 countries.

"They really wanted to create something people could be involved in without the rigorous juried competitions, without the often closed doors of the art world scene they were coming up against," explains James Vanderberg, Senior Project Manager for The Sketchbook Project.

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Q&A: SF Weekly Talks to Bunny Pistol, Burlesque Bump and Grinder Extraordinaire

Bunny Pistol shakes her groove thing.
In a city where words like 'scrotal' and 'perineal' are bandied about like cotton candy at a carnival, it's nice to know there are still a few places where nudity is tasteful. And tasseled. We caught up with bonafide burlesque beauty Bunny Pistol - infamous for her eye-singeing grindhouse '60s style - to see which SF 'shake-it-girl!' venues she loves best.

We also got a little advice for all you burgeoning Bay Area burlesquers out there.

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Agents of Chaos: Cacophony at the Castro Theatre

Stop the Weirdness.jpg
Rusty Blazenhoff
Fight Club and Burning Man come from the same place. Where flash mobs and poetic terrorism come from. Yes, a place inside of you. But The San Francisco Cacophony Society had a lot to do with putting that together for you. This is their book. This is their... unauthorized release party?

Enter Chicken John. Outspoken proponent for and enabler of the City of Art And Innovation, Chicken sent out an email to his large list of followers about a show on Friday, May 31st at the Castro Theatre. If you're not on his list, I suggest you sign up for it now, before reading about how he champions the weird creative underground of Bay Area artists with long, hilarious pleas for you to become the person you've always wanted to be. There aren't many people like Chicken, nor are there many people worthy enough to follow (in what was largely a performance art project he ran against Gavin Newsom for mayor, under the campaign "Nuisance '07", and garnered about 12,000 votes). Naturally, he's involved with The San Francisco Cacophony Society.

Here's an excerpt from his email:

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Read Local: How to Be a Real Cook

cooks wisdom.jpg

New York City might be home to the big houses, but this scrappy city just happens to be the epicenter of publishing on the Best Coast. Join Alexis Coe every Wednesday for Read Local, a series on books produced in the Bay Area.

"Cooking is often one disaster after another. What you learn is the only thing you can't fix is a soufflé."

This quote by Julia Child, who needs no introduction herself, serves to introduce a book that promises to arm you with the kind of knowledge that makes a chef. I'm not talking about someone who can drive to a fancy food store and buy imported truffles snuffed out by a female pig. That requires little more than a nice-sized bank account, which also seems to be the only prerequisite a person needs in order to declare oneself a "foodie."

See Also: You've Never Seen S.F. Like This -- Rebecca Solnit's Infinite City

Increase your California Cred with these 10 Bay Area Books

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Video of the Day: The Ultimate How-To Nightlife Event

Anthony Gordon

If you haven't been to a Cal Academy NightLife event, tonight should be one of your New Year's resolutions. Featuring half price admission, plentiful cocktails, interesting bites to eat, and live music, in addition to all the fascinating exhibitions (without the screaming children running around), it's one of the raddest and most informative happenings on a Thursday night.

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Street Fashion of the Academy of Sciences' Nightlife

St. Patrick's Day Includes Irish History, Music, Dance, Drinks at NightLife

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The 20 Most Memorable Cosplay Costumes Involving Cleavage

boobs 1.jpeg
Christopher Morgan
20. "My eyes are up here, guys."

We'll be honest, we didn't know what cosplay was until we googled it just now. For those in the dark who are, like us, no doubt carving blog posts out of stone tablets, cosplay, "short for 'costume play,' is a type of performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea." We put together a slideshow of the best cosplay outfits of the entire year (Merry Christmas!), from comic book conventions, anime events, sci-fi shindigs, and more. Such representation helps to debunk the image of cosplay folks as pale, overweight men, shedding much-needed light on the outdated assumptions and stereotypes that plague our ... sorry, what? We couldn't hear you over all the boobs.

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Our full slideshow, 100 Memorable Cosplay Images of 2012 

Talk on Internet Dating Is Like a Blind Date With Group Therapy

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Support the Future at the Youth Arts Summit

Thumbnail image for 6642899541_231b39ddca_z.jpg
Maggie Preston

Come out and show some love for the youngest and brightest up-and-coming artists and performers at the Second Annual San Francisco Youth Arts Summit. Youth leaders from prominent San Francisco advocacy groups have joined forces to showcase young artists' works which spans all realms of artistic expression.

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Video of the Day: Laser Mazes, Giant Robots, and SMS-Driven Cops and Robbers

The Art of Macworld

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