No Means No: San Francisco Ranks Number One for Pickiest Women in America


Apparently true love isn't just one mouse click away for the women of San Francisco.

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Straight Men in San Francisco are Desperate for Dates

Categories: Dating

An NYC woman pleads to have a date in San Francisco

Are San Francisco straight men that hard up for a date that they need women to be flown in from elsewhere?

Apparently, according to one dating site: the Dating Ring. Currently still in the fundraising stage (Really, we're fundraising for dating sites now?), a post on SFGate notes "Love-lorn young ladies can reserve a spot on the trip by simply anteing up $1,000, which will net them a flight, housing, three dates and two parties."

Don't make us gag.

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Tired of Tinder? How To Find The Perfect Hook-Up Site For You

Categories: Dating

datingsite/ Flickr

For many of us, whether we find a cute hookup for the upcoming weekend is the difference between finding a cutie on Tinder and... not finding a cutie on Tinder.

People to whom this sounds all too familiar will be surprised to learn that there are a variety of different dating sites for even the pickiest of people. Did you know there's a, for skiing aficionados who want to find someone who shares their love of winter sports? What about, for people who want to to date a police officer or a firefighter?

Leading relationship expert and author of Sexual Euphoria, George Moufarrej, told us all about how to find the perfect dating site.

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He Said, She Said: Dating Habits of Silicon Valley Millionaires

Shutterstock/ kanvag

Have no shame, gold diggers! Eligible millionaires in Silicon Valley love you just the way you are.

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Looking for Mr. Right: San Francisco Ranks Sixth for Most Eligible Millionaires

Millionaire Matchmaker.jpg
Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?

Matchmaker, matchmaker, find me a millionaire match.

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San Francisco Is Named Most Romantic City in North America

Categories: Dating, Romance

What's not to love?
Screw holding hands in New York City's Central Park, San Francisco is officially the place for budding love.

According to the dating/travel site,, San Francisco was named the most romantic city in North America. How did they determine this? The love scientists say since it launched in April 2012, more than 300,000 women and generous (aka lonely) men have registered with the site, and have used it to fly around the country looking for love.

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How to Win the Date Site Arms Race: Targets Couples

Categories: Dating, Events, Food

Imagining San Francisco from his office in Brooklyn, dating site co-CEO Brian Schechter has no trouble spitting out sunny characterizations. His favorite: The West Coast city is "a playground for romantic experiences" -- a place where a high concentration of jaundiced, single, over-educated but largely dissatisfied adults are bumbling through one of the most vibrant arts and retail corridors in the world, trying to figure out what to do with their disposable income.

If you're a guy running a dating site, that world could easily be your oyster.

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New Gutzy Clothing Line Says It Will Get You Laid

Take a stance with your single self -- get Gutzy and get laid.
As with so many modern innovations (butt-plugs, cellphones, Google glass) we're excited (and terrified) by the implications of Arizona entrepreneur Kari Holt's new Gutzy brand.

Gutzy, "meet-me" wear -- a clothing line for women and men -- is designed to broadcast your single status, letting other romantically untethered people know that you're available ... and most importantly, approachable.

According to, there are 54 million, sad-sack, single people in the United States and seemingly not many people can get their shit together enough to couple up, even if only for the night.

With Gutzy, you no longer have to wonder if someone is free and fuckable. Forget the bar, the grocery store, yoga class, or even dating sites -- now you can live your life silently emanating throbbing levels of date-me pheromones with a tricky little t-shirt (tank or "active wear" also available) emblazoned with a pink or white "g."

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The Most Common Places for Craigslist Missed Connections (Map)


Looking for love in the great United States of Uhmerica? Then maybe you should be spending more time at Wal-Mart. That's according to a recent (and depressing?) Psychology Today map by Dorothy Gambrell that crunched Craigslist "Missed Connections" data to show where denizens were not quite finding love.

See Also: The Best Bay Area Neighborhoods for Singles

So You're Famous and You're Single -- It's Still OK to Date Online

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The Sweet Spot: "The One" Is Total Hooey


The One.

It is a concept as familiar as commercial jingles, as ubiquitous as the bright candy coloring of a rom-com, and as insufferable as a teenager shouting, "No one understands me." The One is the new shorthand for the idea of the soul mate, that perfect person who completes you.

It is unclear when The One became so common; it seems to have cropped up in the '90s, but "soul mate" is a least as old as Plato. According to his dialogue, The Symposium, humans originally had four arms, four legs, a single head made of two faces and both genitals. Just a little too powerful, these early human hermaphrodites pissed off the gods and as punishment, were split apart and doomed to die. Thankfully, Apollo took pity on these baleful souls and sewed up a new version of them with only one set of stuff and a belly button as a reminder of what was once whole. As a result, we are still, to this day, forever on the hunt for our other half.

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