Tinder Trouble: How to Not Succeed on Tinder

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Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Last week, we discussed the delicate and difficult task of talking to potential partners on OkCupid. Slightly less delicate and difficult is talking to people on Tinder. But while OkCupid is more geared towards people looking for relationships, Tinder is largely centered around one-night stands.

However, since OkCupid users have to fill out profiles with information about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and future goals, the matches will (for better or worse) will likely have something in common with you. With Tinder, all users have to do is provide some pictures, but it can be tough -- the hardest part of creating a Tinder profile is selecting pictures that portray the user in a desirable, but approachable, manner.

Picking the right picture can take all the stress out of figuring out what to say to your Tinder matches -- if your picture is attractive and welcoming enough, matches will be flocking to you as fast as you can swipe right.

Look to the profile pictures of these clearly seasoned Tinder pros to get an idea of the best picture to use to land your next hookup.

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Find Love in a Hopeless Place with Z Dating Game

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

If living at the turn of the 21st century has taught us anything, it's that sensitive personal matters are best experienced through public media, preferably in front of a large audience of strangers. We mean, Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian have found perfect happiness and everlasting love by exposing intimate personal relationships, and you can too. This weekend in fact. Z Dating Game at Z Space this Saturday night celebrates indecent romantic exposure in a live show based on 1960s reality TV pioneer, The Dating Game.

The game involves three groups of single people competing to win a date over the sounds of the house band, professional interpretive dancers, and the loud and judgmental public.

We chatted with PianoFight's artistic director Rob Ready, the alliterative co-founder of PianoFight and producer and host of "Z Dating Game."

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OkStupid: How to Not Succeed on OkCupid

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Click. Next. Click...

Talking to people on OkCupid is an art, attempted by many and perfected by few. Countless OkCupid users spend many long, excruciating hours staring at the screen and searching their brains for something, anything to say. We've seen the products of this first hand. And below are some gems that came to our inbox. Swoon.

When courting a potential partner, the important thing is to reach out in an alluring, eloquent manner.


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San Francisco Ranked Number One City for Singles

Christopher Victorio
Loving the nightlife

Single? You're in the right place, according to a recent "study" by Rent.com. We think they may have wanted to preface it as the number one city for singles who want to stay single.

If you love riding solo, rent.com shares one reason San Francisco is the best place for singles is because of tech. Yes, tech: "San Francisco, the epicenter of tech innovation, hundreds of dating apps, and plenty of single software engineers, was named the #1 city for singles in the U.S."

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San Francisco Businesses with the Most Attractive Employees

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Bevan Goldswain/Shutterstock
Do you think she works at Salesforce?

Well, now we know where the Dating Ring needs to look for dates for their lonely ladies from New York -- Lyft, BlackRock, and Salesforce.

The dating app Hinge -- where like Tinder you swipe right if you like the looks of the potential suitor/hook-up and left if you don't -- crunched their data for the Bay Area to find out where the majority of the right swipes are employed.

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San Francisco Dating Pool Shrinks Due to The Dating Ring

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Help her! She's desperate for a date!

Sorry single-straight ladies of San Francisco, the dating pool just got a little smaller -- meaning, the kiddie pool you got to choose from is now a tea cup.

If you'll remember, back in March we shared the horrible crowd-sourcing idea from The Dating Ring, in which single-straight ladies were practically dying in New York out of lack of dates. And then they got in their heads that San Francisco was this untapped gold mine of potential suitors -- that somehow the women of San Francisco were keeping it a secret? That we were just walking around with a suitor on each arm?

Well, to our disbelief, they've made their fundraising goal, and are flying out 16 single ladies to go on dates with single-straight San Francisco men, according to Yahoo.

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No Means No: San Francisco Ranks Number One for Pickiest Women in America

Shutterstock/ Photographee.eu

Apparently true love isn't just one mouse click away for the women of San Francisco.

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Straight Men in San Francisco are Desperate for Dates

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An NYC woman pleads to have a date in San Francisco

Are San Francisco straight men that hard up for a date that they need women to be flown in from elsewhere?

Apparently, according to one dating site: the Dating Ring. Currently still in the fundraising stage (Really, we're fundraising for dating sites now?), a post on SFGate notes "Love-lorn young ladies can reserve a spot on the trip by simply anteing up $1,000, which will net them a flight, housing, three dates and two parties."

Don't make us gag.

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Tired of Tinder? How To Find The Perfect Hook-Up Site For You

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datingsite/ Flickr

For many of us, whether we find a cute hookup for the upcoming weekend is the difference between finding a cutie on Tinder and... not finding a cutie on Tinder.

People to whom this sounds all too familiar will be surprised to learn that there are a variety of different dating sites for even the pickiest of people. Did you know there's a skiiingsingles.com, for skiing aficionados who want to find someone who shares their love of winter sports? What about uniformdating.com, for people who want to to date a police officer or a firefighter?

Leading relationship expert and author of Sexual Euphoria, George Moufarrej, told us all about how to find the perfect dating site.

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He Said, She Said: Dating Habits of Silicon Valley Millionaires

Shutterstock/ kanvag

Have no shame, gold diggers! Eligible millionaires in Silicon Valley love you just the way you are.

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