Bayview Opera House Turns 125 and Inspires a Neighborhood

Bayview Opera House/ Barbara Ockel

If you're like many San Franciscans, the first thing you think of when you hear "Bayview" likely isn't an image of arts and culture. But there is a burgeoning art scene, one that encourages city kids and neighbors to take part in, and the place that hosts this all has hit a very large milestone. Happy 125th birthday, Bayview Opera House.

One of the oldest entertainment venues in San Francisco, the opera house was built in 1888 by Free Masons for use as a community center and place of entertainment -- and it has stayed true to its original purpose.

"It's always going to be a place that provides arts and entertainment for its community," says Bayview Opera House executive director Barbara Ockel.

Several years ago Ockel founded the Dare To Dream ARTS Youth Enrichment program, which she says has had a huge impact on both the Bayview Opera House and the surrounding community.

"Kids need somewhere to go during the summer," Ockel says of the summer program. "Last summer, we had over 600 kids come in... it's exciting and they have something to do. They have a positive experience at the opera house and tell their parents about it, so their parents feel more comfortable about it and about Bayview as a whole."

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San Francisco Events for Halloween and Día de Los Muertos 2013

Dia de Los Muertos wall graffitiPhoto Courtesy of AFrostFrolic

Halloween season is already in full swing, and aside from the eventual candy overload expected on All Hallow's Eve, you may be still trying to figure out plans for both Halloween and Día de los Muertos. To make your search easier than trying to find the cherry-flavored Starburst packet in the bottom of a pillow-case bag, we have outlined here some notable events worth checking out. Happy hunting!

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SF Carve: Inaugural Sand Sculpture International Competition Docks in the Presidio

SF Carve/ Facebook
Sand art of Sue McGrew, a featured artist at SF Carve.
San Francisco beaches aren't know for being luxurious getaways like their Southern California and Florida counterparts. Infamously known for being too extreme in wind, fog, and overall cold weather, it's apt that they will be the site for an extreme sports competition.

No, it won't be another America's Cup or surfing event; rather, this will be out of the water and onto the beach -- literally.

Hub Strategy, a San Francisco PR and advertising agency will host the first ever, international sand sculpture competition called Carve San Francisco with nine sculptors and their respective teams flown in from all over the world for five days to create massive works of art from more than 400 tons of sand.

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Paul Corman-Roberts Talks East Bay Lit and Beast Crawl's Hat Party Fundraiser

Beast Crawl.jpeg
Last year, inspired by the timely coming together of what seemed to be countless writing posses via social media, and with Litquake as an inspiration and a model, a handful of writers decided to throw a festival in Uptown Oakland that turned into 125 authors reading in 25 venues in three hours -- all for free. Appropriately, they called it Beast Crawl ("East Bay" being "beast" in pig latin). The gathering's second annual edition is right around the corner, and to raise funds and generate excitement, the organizers are throwing a hat party on Monday that will feature live music from Wreck This Place and Titan Ups, plus a raffle with prizes donated from local businesses. We thought this was a good chance to check in and see what The Beast Crawl Collective has in store for us this year.

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S.F.'s Seven Best End of the World Events

Thumbnail image for endagain2.jpg
Debbie Smith

We're gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the most popular song in the clubs this weekend will be REM's "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)." Between the end of the Mayan calendar and the constant "fiscal cliff" blathering, the whole country is feeling positively apocalypsish. And while the world probably won't end on December 21st, it's always good to cover your bases, so we've rounded up the seven best Apocalypse-themed events on December 20 (and the coming weekend).

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Dead Sexy: A Dia de los Muertos Makeup Tutorial

Thumbnail image for erika-diadelosmuertos.jpg
Erika Henrikson

This Friday, San Francisco will once more pour out onto the Mission streets (those poor, battered, and abused streets!) for the 26th Annual Dia de los Muertos parade. Yet another pagan festival turned Catholic holiday, Dia de los Muertos is a hybrid celebration of Aztec/Meso-American reverence and remembrance of the dead and the Spanish-Catholic All Souls' Day. It is also yet another excuse for San Franciscans to don outrageous costumes, fantastical makeup, and dance around in the middle of the road! So, we're obviously excited about it.

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Video of the Day: Dia de los Muertos Parade and Art Show

Marigold Project

The Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos is something of a cross-cultural collaboration. While the Aztecs used their summer month of Miccailhuitontli to celebrate dead children, fallen warriors, and other ancestors, the Spaniards brought the Roman Catholic All Soul's Day with them in the 16th century.

Eventually the two holidays merged -- the Spanish influence pushed the celebration into the fall, but it retained the rituals of the indigenous tradition. Here in San Francisco, our own Day of the Dead festivities draw from two distinct cultures as well. Each year, the city's artistic types come out in style alongside the Mission District's Latino community to celebrate those that have passed from this world.

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Get Lit at Litquake's Mini Museum Crawl

Paul Madonna

A recent study about parole decisions informed us that judges were far more likely to grant favorable outcomes for prisoners early in the day, before they became mentally fatigued by all the tough calls they needed to make each day. When it comes to Litquake, the annual literary festival featuring 163 events and more than 850 authors, we feel this decision-making fatigue simply from looking at the schedule.

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Video of the Day: El Carpeta, Flamenco Prodigy

Esteban Abión
La Farruca, matriarch of the legendary Farruco Family clan
San Francisco has always been at the cutting edge of cultural diversity. This weekend, our multicultural metropolis hosts visiting artists from Spain who share emerging trends in the world of flamenco music and dance. The Seventh Annual Bay Area Flamenco Festival is one of the most dynamic cultural events in the U.S. This weeklong affair celebrates flamenco's living culture through a series of performances, lectures, workshops, film screenings, and master classes, culminating with the U.S. debut of Manuel Fernandez Montoya ("El Carpeta"), a 14-year-old dance sensation and member of the famed Farruco family. More »

2012 Folsom Street Fair Photos: The Safe-For-Work Edition!

All photos by Gil Reigo Jr. for SF Weekly
Miss the Folsom Street Fair over the weekend but still have a hankering for leather and sexually wild BDSM action? Of course you do! Alas, you're at work, stuck at a cubicle with your boss's stare cutting right through you. Or perhaps its the IT guy -- who secretly hates everyone -- just waiting for you to slip up. Either way, enjoy these perfectly PG photos from  Folsom. If you're giving zero fucks about your boss or your IT guy, go on and enjoy the NSFW Folsom Street Fair slideshow.

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