New Exhibit: Life on the Israeli Kibbutz Farm

Work hard, play hard, an unamed Kibbutz in Israel

The first Kibbutz, a communal farm in which everyone is equal, was established in 1909 -- now there are more than 250 Kibbutzim (plural for Kibbutz) in Israel. On these farms, all duties are shared equally among the residents, including child rearing and no one has more, or less, than anyone else.

For Lori Starr, Executive Director of the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, the Kibbutz has had a strong influence in the Bay Area's left leaning, socialist movement communities.

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Talking Shit About Your Job Online Is Now Protected Speech

LR_LibraryPostOfficeScott BarCA-2.jpg

Earlier today, our sister blog the Snitch reported that we don't have to invite our bosses to happy hour, and now we have even more good news for those who talk shit about their jobs/coworkers/bosses (i.e. every goddamn one of you). The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued a recent ruling that says employees can express their opinions on social media channels without fear of getting fired. According to the New York Times, the NLRB "says workers have a right to discuss work conditions freely and without fear of retribution, whether the discussion takes place at the office or on Facebook."

But before you go Tweeting to your heart's content about how your boss is a douchecanoe, there are a few caveats.

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The Top Professions that Attract Psychopaths

The famous shower scene from Psycho

With any job, there are always those coworkers that seem a little bit off. Perhaps it's the gal who sends you a chastising e-mail for your "improper use of mailing labels," or the guy who beats the vending machine when his Doritos get stuck. Despite the crazy-making habits of most professions, it turns out that some jobs are far more likely to attract psychopaths than others.

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Deskless Masses -- Loosecubes Is Here to Help

Categories: Coworking

Robert Freiberger
Working at home has its perks, but ... it can get a little weird. When you're in need of more than basic human interaction, public libraries and coffee shops just aren't going to cut it.

Cue Loosecubes, a Brooklyn-based start-up that connects those in need of a temporary workspace with organizations that have the space to host them.

Last Sunday, I took to the Loosecubes website in search of a desk in San Francisco. Using the zip code 94117, the website offered me seven options. One of the most popular options is NextSpace SF, a consumer services business located in SOMA, which boasted 31 hearts on the rating system. The company's "Space Bio" told me they offered gourmet coffee and a professional vibe, as well as a happy hour every Friday at exactly 3:58 p.m. There are reviews on the bio page as well, which were all positive. Cristina M. claims to have been happily co-working at NextSpace SF for two years, and spoke highly of the aforementioned happy hour. Jason P. complimented the amenities, adding "working alone sucks!"

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