Bitcoin Graffiti Appearing on ATMs and Apple Buses in S.F.


Have you been seeing the Bitcoin signs posted on ATMs around San Francisco? In the past several weeks, Bitcoin signs and stickers have been seen adorning various ATMs and Apple buses all around the city, presumably as a reaction to Apple mysteriously dropping Blockchain, the most popular Bitcoin app, from the App Store on iTunes.

Bitcoins are an electronic form of currency which people can send to each other and use to pay for goods and services--anonymously. No banks or banking services are involved in Bitcoin transactions, which makes it a preferable way to transfer money for some, and a controversial one for others.

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"Wrestling Jerusalem": Telling the Complex Palestinian-Israeli Story

Ken Friedman
Aaron Davidman, wrote and performs 'Wrestling Jerusalem'

With "Wrestling Jerusalem," his solo show at Intersection for the Arts, playwright and actor Aaron Davidman wants to do something seemingly impossible -- present the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, one of the most entrenched of our time, in a nuanced way- as a story rather than a diatribe.

"I like to say my play is not a protest play unless it's protesting polemic, in which case it is a protest play," he said. "To realize things aren't so black and white -- that's the new radical."

Davidman, former artistic director of the now defunct Traveling Jewish Theater in San Francisco, has written two other plays about the issue, which he feels is a central one for American Jews. Plus he thinks it makes great drama.

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Tourism for Locals: Danielle Steel's Hedge-Lined Spreckels' Mansion

Juan De Anda/SF Weekly
Steel's bush needs a trim or wax.
There's a house in San Francisco that is shrouded in history and mystique.

Built at the turn of the 20th century, it's an opulent mansion with 55 rooms among three floors -- its contents closely guarded by a massive security barrier.

Seems like the kind of place to be part of a mystery, or romance, novel and how fitting because it's the home of a celebrity author.

Spreckels Mansion is the home of best selling romance author Danielle Steel and she has it surrounded by a massive, approximately 30-foot-high shrub barrier. The hedge itself has its own celebrity status -- caused by a controversy.

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Lamb of God: As the Palaces Burn, Not the Film Don Argott Set Out to Make


On Sunday March 2, Don Argott's documentary Lamb of God: As the Palaces Burn will screen at the DNA Lounge. Viewers will be seeing a film that's decidedly different from the filmmaker's original vision.

Lamb of God is a heavy metal band that was founded in Richmond, VA in 1999. Though they have yet to achieve the celebrity status of legendary metal rockers like Metallica, Lamb of God has amassed a loyal worldwide following. They've sold around two million albums in the USA, have been honored at the Grammys, and play to enthusiastic crowds everywhere they go.

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Oscar Shoo-In Dallas Buyer's Club: Talking with Jared Leto


On March 2 we'll find out if Academy shoo-in Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto will win the coveted Oscar for their courageous performances in Dallas Buyers Club. Both actors have already received Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards for their work in the film. Dallas Buyers Club has also been nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.

Dallas Buyers Club is the true story of Ron Woodroof (McConaughey), who was given 30 days to live after his doctors diagnosed him with HIV in 1985. Though he appears on the surface to be a white trash escapee from the trailer park, Woodroof was in fact highly intelligent and resourceful.

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Al Goldstein, Creator of Screw Magazine and Free Speech Advocate, Dies (1936-2013)

Al Goldstein and his infamous creation, Screw Magazine

A few decades back, free speech advocates held a rally in New York City's Washington Square Park. The issue at hand was an attempt by local conservatives to get several late night adult programs which were seen on channel 35, Manhattan cable's paid public access TV station, removed from the airwaves.

One of the speakers was a frail, 80-ish Al Lewis, fondly remembered as Grandpa on the 1960s sitcom The Munsters. "Don't let them silence you," Lewis shouted, his fist in the air, "Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em!" For years afterward, Al Goldstein ran clips of Lewis' speech on Midnight Blue, his long running, hilariously raunchy channel 35 chat show.

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Shia LaBeouf's Apology for Plagiarizing Oakland's Daniel Clowes Is Itself Plagiarized

Daniel Clowes/ Wired
The original work

Somehow, former-Disney-star-turned-A-minus-list-actor, Shia LaBeouf, didn't think anyone would notice that he plagiarized the work of Berkeley cartoonist and screenwriter Daniel Clowes (Art School Confidential, Ghost World).

What's even worse is that no one seemed to notice for a year -- as LaBeouf presented his short film,, at film festivals such as the St. Louis International Film Festival, the Phoenix Film Festival, Aspen's Shortsfest, and Cannes.

It wasn't until the work hit the Internet on Monday that Clowes' fans realized they had seen that work before, in Clowes' 2007 comic Justin M. Damiano. Wired notes the comic and film both open with nearly identical monologues.

And now, LaBeouf's apology, spanning six tweets -- only the last one sums up the entire plagiarism issue -- looks to be plagiarized as well. As Wired points out, a user on Yahoo! Answers posted something very similar -- only that this user, Lili, posted this mea culpa four years ago.

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Bettie Page Reveals All: Pin-Up Legend In Her Own Words


For decades, Bettie Page (1923-2008) was a legend -- only, she didn't know it. Around 1957, the pin-up and nudie-cutie queen disappeared without a trace. All kinds of rumors circulated, including greatly exaggerated reports of her death.

When Bettie was finally found more than three decades later, she had quite a story to tell. In Bettie Page Reveals All, (Dec. 6 at the Opera Plaza) Mark Mori's fascinating new documentary, Page tells her tale in her own words.

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Tear Jerker Documentary Bridegroom Makes a Powerful Argument For Marriage Equality

Tom Bridegroom and Shane Bitney Crone.

Tom Bridegroom and Shane Bitney Crone were young and in love. Together for six years, they were devoted to each other. In 2011, Tom, 29, died in a freak accident. What happened next was equally horrific.

The events which followed Tom's death would not have occurred had marriage been available to Shane and Tom prior to Tom's death. By the time marriage equality permanently returned to the Golden State in 2013, Tom was two years in his grave.

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Unhung Hero: One Man's Search For The Perfect Penis

Patrick Moote took it all off for the DVD box cover of Unhung Hero.

In Unhung Hero, his new, self-described "cockumentary," Patrick Moote admits that he's not well hung. But the guy has balls. After being rejected by his girlfriend for having a small penis, Moote, an actor and stand up comic in Los Angeles, literally travels around the world searching for a "cure" to his problem.

The result is an hilarious, yet ultimately sweet film by Moote's best bud Brian Spitz, who documents Moote's journey.

The "cockumentary" moniker was all Patrick," filmmaker Spitz told SF Weekly. "I came up with Unhung Hero."

Spitz's camera follows Moote home to Seattle, where a heartbroken Patrick tells his sympathetic mom that he's hung like a hamster. Naturally we wondered how it felt to discuss one's penis with a parent.

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