Roshambo: Hayward Resident Turns Classic Childhood Game Into Comic Book

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Michael Dismuke

Sometimes the only way to settle disputes is a round of rock-paper-scissors. Whether you're trying to figure out whose turn is it to take out the trash or participating in the increasingly popular rock-paper-scissors tournaments, everyone has played this game at some point in their lives.

Hayward resident Michael Dismuke says that while growing up he played roshambo with his friends religiously, sometimes when they got bored, but usually "to trade Jolly Ranchers or see which comic book [he] got to take home." His website explains that in 2007, "one random synapse in [his] brain overheated, popped, and generated an amazing idea to turn rock, paper, scissors into a comic strip."

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"Lasso of Truth" Explores Wonder Woman's Unconventional Origins

Kevin Berne
Lauren English (The Girl) and John Riedlinger (The Guy) in Carson Kreitzer's Lasso of Truth.

Growing up in upstate New York, playwright Carson Kreitzer wasn't allowed to watch much TV, but her mom made an exception for Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, and Kreitzer loved seeing a strong, compassionate woman helping others rather than waiting to be rescued. While doing research on lie detectors for another play she was involved in, she found out that the man who had invented the precursor to that machine, psychologist William Moulton Marston, had also been the created her childhood heroine with her lasso of truth. She also learned about his unconventional lifestyle -- he had lived with both a wife and a research assistant, had children with both, and was interested in bondage. Suddenly Wonder Woman's bullet-deflecting cuffs, boots and bustier took on a whole different meaning.

Kreitzer was upset thinking that Wonder Woman was just another male sexual fantasy and started looking into Wonder Woman's creator and the women she was based on. That led her to write "Lasso of Truth," which is premiering at the Marin Theatre Company before going on to Georgia and Missouri.

In the play, we see the stories of the Inventor, the Wife and the Amazon (with the help of comic panels on the walls) as well as the contemporary story of the Girl, who wants the original Wonder Woman comic and the Guy, who works in a comic book store and owns that comic. Kreitzer talked to SF Weekly about the importance of heroes with kindness as well as power, unconventional views moving society forward, and how little boys as well as little girls needing strong women to look up to.

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Comics Not Ready for Lesbian Marriage? Batwoman's Wedding is Off


It looks like Batwoman and her longtime girlfriend/fiancee Maggie Sawyer won't make it to the altar after all. Hopefully it's not too late to return that hers and hers golf club set.

DC Comics rejected the would-be groundbreaking storyline earlier this week, according to Yahoo! Finance. As a result, co-writers J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman split from the series, citing that the discarded plot prohibits the series from moving forward.

The abrupt departure comes in the wake of recent monumental strides toward marriage equality that have found their way into the far-flying and KABOOM! butt-kicking world of superhero comics.

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Comic Hari Kondabolu Explains "The New Sincerity"

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Mindy Tucker
Hari Kondabolu

Alt comic, post-colonial theorist, prodigious tweeter, erstwhile immigrant rights advocate, and acerbic pundit Hari Kondabolu is a natural fit for San Francisco audiences, even if grew up in New York and cut his teeth in Seattle. He gained Bay Area notoriety after teaming up with W. Kamau Bell and Nato Green to head the Laughter Against the Machine comedy tour a few years ago, and he still occasionally graces the Punch Line Comedy Club, or The Chapel.

Kondabolu often says that Bay Area crowds have a unique capacity to understand and appreciate -- his politically tinged, paragraph-long bits, because we're more patient than audiences in other parts of the country. Meaning: We read whole newspaper articles instead of just skimming headlines, and we love taking a long time to digest things. We like intricate, self-referential comedians who set something up in their first five minutes, and make it funny 20 minutes later. We want our comedians to opine and insert long-winded asides -- a style that Kondabolu calls "the new sincerity."

We're not a fast-quip, instant-gratification type of crowd.

That was part of the impetus for Kondabolu opting to record his debut album at Oakland's New Parish club, which has become a go-to killing room in an area that's no longer awash in comedy infrastructure - when W. Kamau Bell left to launch his Totally Biased FX TV series in New York, he took many of San Francisco's rising alt humorists along. Kondabolu is part of that crew, and he currently divides his time between stand-up gigs and the Totally Biased writing team, occasionally serving as a correspondent on "The KondaBulletin" (His commentary on the spelling bee edition: "Hey white people - learn the language.")

But Kondabolu hasn't forgot the Bay Area, and he's all a-tizzy about next week's sort-of homecoming.

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The Walking Dead Is Back -- and Everyone's Making Bad Decisions

Categories: Comics, TV
andrea gov arean.jpg

In case you've forgotten what was going on in The Walking Dead all the way back on December 2, you're not alone. It might be wise to refresh your memory with a recap of that mid-season finale -- because Episode 9 of Season 3 picks up directly where we left off: Daryl and Merle surrounded by Woodbury folk yelling for their blood, as a freshly one-eyed Governor watches on.

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The Hawkeye Initiative Pokes Fun at Sexist Comics, but Is It Backfiring?

On left, the extraterrestrial Teen Titan, Starfire; on right, the image redrawn for The Hawkeye Initiative by Lauren Armstrong

The concept behind the hot new Tumblr, the Hawkeye Initiative, is simple: In order to demonstrate just how much superhero comics distort the bodies of female characters, fans take real comic art and redraw it, replacing the female characters with Hawkeye, perhaps the least interesting character ever to grace the pages of a Marvel comic.

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There and Blecch Again: Mad Magazine's Lord of the Rings Parodies


So, after years of legal and logistical wrangling in which director Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema were suing each other over royalties from the Lord of the Rings movies and whether he'd direct the not-really-necessary The Hobbit, followed by Guillermo Del Toro signing on to direct and then dropping out again and Jackson finally signing on to direct what was only intended to be two movies -- whew! -- part one of the pointlessly three-part Hobbit saga is finally here. Just two more of them to go, and we can put it all behind us.

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The 20 Most Memorable Cosplay Costumes Involving Cleavage

boobs 1.jpeg
Christopher Morgan
20. "My eyes are up here, guys."

We'll be honest, we didn't know what cosplay was until we googled it just now. For those in the dark who are, like us, no doubt carving blog posts out of stone tablets, cosplay, "short for 'costume play,' is a type of performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea." We put together a slideshow of the best cosplay outfits of the entire year (Merry Christmas!), from comic book conventions, anime events, sci-fi shindigs, and more. Such representation helps to debunk the image of cosplay folks as pale, overweight men, shedding much-needed light on the outdated assumptions and stereotypes that plague our ... sorry, what? We couldn't hear you over all the boobs.

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Our full slideshow, 100 Memorable Cosplay Images of 2012 

Talk on Internet Dating Is Like a Blind Date With Group Therapy

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Q&A: Wonder Woman Filmmaker on Feminism and Why Most Female Superheroes Die


She has indestructible bracelets, an invisible plane, and a Lasso of Truth. She appeared on the first Ms. Magazine cover, and on the recent 40th anniversary edition. The man who created her was a psychologist who invented the lie detector and thought there should be a woman superhero out there. We're talking, of course, about Nancy Pelosi. Wait, no, Wonder Woman.

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DEADLINE EXTENDED Call for submissions: SF Weekly Comics Issue 2012

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DEADLINE EXTENDED Call for submissions: SF Weekly Comics Issue 2012


Connected in San Francisco: What's your interpretation?

This is a city of connections. Big bridges, little phones, unusual cultures. San Francisco lives for this stuff. Draw us some stories about how it all fits together.

We are looking for local artists to give us their take on this theme!

The best entries will be selected to appear in print.

Submissions should be created as true sequential art - a full story unto itself. Cartoonists are encouraged to be creative within the confines of the required dimensions. There are no restrictions on the number of panels or how you arrange them.

Be sure to work within our half- or quarter-page sizes. If you would like to do a full-page comic, please submit a proposal via email prior to producing it.


  • Submissions must be in black and white. You may propose full color, but you must demonstrate competency in this before it will be green-lighted.
  • If coloring with tones of gray, separate grays by 15 percent, i.e. 15, 30, 45, 60, 85 percent grays.
  • Grayscale images: 300 dpi.
  • Bitmapped black-and-white images: 600dpi
  • Submit your entry with the following contact information:
  • Your full legal name
  • The name you prefer to be credited in print
  • Your website, if applicable
  • Comics must conform to one of the sizes listed in the PDF download below

Size & Compensation

Items selected for print will be compensated based on size. Please download the PDF for specifications and more info.


Friday, November 30. But sooner is always better.


Send files and contact information HERE via our upload utility.
Select Andrew Nilsen as the recipient and be sure to include your contact and credit information.

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