San Franciscans Are More Interested in Plastic Surgery Than ... Los Angeles

San Francisco no longer keeping it real

Remember back in December when we confirmed that San Francisco is indeed filled with total hotties? Well, turns out that beauty might not be so natural after all.

According to RealSelf, San Francisco falls no. 5 on the top 10 list of cities where people are most interested in getting plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery scientists analyzed tens of millions of consumer online searches for cosmetic surgery between November 2013 and January 2014 to draw up their conclusions about which places are most plastic. Perhaps you find it hard to believe that San Franciscans, whose standard dress code is disheveled, are searching for cosmetic surgery guidance. But what's even more shocking to us is that we seem to be tapping into the boob lift and Botox scene even more than our frenemies down in Hollywood -- at least as of late.

Here's the full list:

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Shia LaBeouf's Apology for Plagiarizing Oakland's Daniel Clowes Is Itself Plagiarized

Daniel Clowes/ Wired
The original work

Somehow, former-Disney-star-turned-A-minus-list-actor, Shia LaBeouf, didn't think anyone would notice that he plagiarized the work of Berkeley cartoonist and screenwriter Daniel Clowes (Art School Confidential, Ghost World).

What's even worse is that no one seemed to notice for a year -- as LaBeouf presented his short film,, at film festivals such as the St. Louis International Film Festival, the Phoenix Film Festival, Aspen's Shortsfest, and Cannes.

It wasn't until the work hit the Internet on Monday that Clowes' fans realized they had seen that work before, in Clowes' 2007 comic Justin M. Damiano. Wired notes the comic and film both open with nearly identical monologues.

And now, LaBeouf's apology, spanning six tweets -- only the last one sums up the entire plagiarism issue -- looks to be plagiarized as well. As Wired points out, a user on Yahoo! Answers posted something very similar -- only that this user, Lili, posted this mea culpa four years ago.

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Show & Tell: California Ranks 15th for Penis Size

Shutterstock/ tommaso lizzul

Whoever said that size doesn't matter clearly has a small schlong, and probably hails from California or any of the other 48 states that aren't North Dakota.

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Oy: E! Online Identifies the Wrong Chinese Victoria's Secret Model

Anton Oparin /
This is Ming Xi.

Nobody's perfect -- not even the exotic beauties with the long limbs, sharp-as-glass cheekbones and seductive eyes who strut down the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway every fall.

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Throwback Thursday: San Francisco Headline Edition: Oct.21-27

Mission Local
No more BART drama for now but only time will tell.

This year's BART debacle may have pissed of the entire Bay Area, but in hindsight, history and San Francisco headlines reveal that BART has been generating controversy since its creation 40 years ago.

Another trend this week in history? If it bleeds -- it leads. Let's take a look at the annals of history for this week here in our haven city of controversy by the decades.

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Erikka Innes' 'Smells Like Nerd Spirit' Offers 40 Minutes of Humor That Lives Up To Its Name


Erikka Innes embodies the spirit of nerdiness in her sophomore album, Smells Like Nerd Spirit. From an opener that wonders why female superheroes are required to have big boobs to a slew of self-deprecating ponderings and stories, Innes finds a contradictory line between a self-loathing, single anti-socialite and a proud, forward-thinking feminist.

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Chris Fairbanks Brings Awkward Comedy to San Francisco: Tonight and Tomorrow!


Tonight, Town Criers presents comedian Chris Fairbanks Live at Milk Bar in the Haight.

This weekly showcase, produced by local comic Eric Barry, has been featuring the best of Bay Area comedians and the occasional national headliner for over a year, since its debut in December 2011. Barry saw the great potential for comedy in this space, which has the cool vibe of a 90s rock club, instead of the typical red-brick basement of a comedy club.

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Must-See Local Comedy Acts at SF Sketchfest 2013


It's tempting to become starstruck by the slew of top comedians from around the nation who are gracing our fair city for SF Sketchfest. But let's not forget the locals who make up this bedrock comedy scene throughout the rest of the year.

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Kyle Kinane Returns to Defend His Iron Comic Title

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Frank Kidder, The Godfather of Bay Area Comedy, Has Passed Away


Frank Arthur Doyle, the godfather of stand-up comedy in San Francisco, known by most by his stage name "Frank Kidder," passed away on December 20, 2012 at the age of 70. The creator of the famous San Francisco International Comedy Competition and responsible for launching the careers of legends like Robin Williams and Jerry Seinfeld, Kidder will always be remembered fondly across the comedy industry. 

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Six Local Comedy Albums You Might Have Missed in 2012


San Francisco's local comics offer an incredible array of free or cheap live comedy every night of the week -- but did you know you can also take some of that magic home with you?

These Bay Area comedians wrote and recorded albums this year, many recorded right here in the Bay Area. Many of them also self-produced and are hand-selling the albums themselves, sans a record company. If you feel your pockets suddenly swollen with money from holiday gifts, find a bit of generosity in your heart to support these local and independent artists.

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