Cat Circus Coming to San Francisco

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The Acro-Cats
The Rock Cats

Samantha Martin has taken being a "cat lady" to a whole other level. Inspired by her lifelong love of animals, as well as her dream of being an animal trainer for movies and TV, feline behavioral expert Martin founded the Acro-Cats, which is, yes, a cat circus!

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It's Like Herding Cat: MythBusters Takes on Corralling Kitties

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Wrong way kitty

We've all said it, but have you ever imagined the time and patience it would take to actually corral felines into a pen -- if it's even possible at all. We're sure there would be lots of hissing a few claws thrown.

But now we no longer need to wonder, as Bay Area-based MythBusters is taking on the challenge in tomorrow's episode (Saturday, 8 p.m., Discovery).

They'll try to herd eight cats from a large pen into smaller pen. And after watching the preview for the "Savage Purr-suation" episode, we're not sure if they'll ever be able to get all the cats into the pen at the same time. We're thinking this myth is busted.

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San Francisco Sea Serpent: Our Own Nessie, Go Find Her

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There she is!

Forget Bigfoot, Yeti, and Nessie, San Francisco has its own mysterious creature.

The San Francisco sea serpent, according to Mysterious Destinations Magazine, has been swimming through the bay since at least the 1800s and has been spotted lurking in the waters near Marina Green.

In artist renderings of our sea serpent, who definitely needs a name -- and possibly a Twitter account -- she (he?) looks like an elongated eel with dorsal and pectoral fins. From a distance, one could say she resembles waves rolling in to the bay.

While we're not convinced of her existence, we will admit it does appear something is going on in the water in this video at the 1:58 mark.

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KitTea Cafe is Coming to San Francisco and Boasts an Oasis for Humans and Cats Alike

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Elya Vatel

Within the last week alone, we've seen some exciting stuff here at SF Weekly: John Dwyer's record label (Castle Face) released synth-punk Pow!'s first album; we learned Jedi's are alive and thriving in the city (but we already knew that, right?); and after nearly three months of waiting, the Mavericks Surf Competition started today.

But there is one mind-blowing new installment to the City by the Bay that is on the way -- and everyone should be ecstatic about. That, my friends, would be, KitTea cafe. Yes, KitTea, as in mouse hunters, sun-spot worshippers, midnight runners, don't-touch-me-unless-I-give you-the-okay -- cats.

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Stocking Stuffer: Enviromental Condom to Raise Awareness of Human Population Growth

Center for Biological Diversity
Use it or Lose It.

For the guys who still don't have the perfect gift for that special someone, maybe you're considering using your God-endowed gift? (After wrapping it up of course!) Here's another benefit of wrapping it up, according to the The Center for Biological Diversity, it can save the dwarf seahorse!

This holiday season, The Center is handing out 25,000 free Endangered Species Condoms in all 50 states. Why? The Center hopes to raise awareness of the devastating effects of human population growth and over consumption on endangered plants and animals. According to their press release:

"More than 200,000 people are added to the planet every day and, according to the United Nations, global human population could reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. As the human population grows, wildlife pays the price as wildlife habitat is developed, air and water are polluted and the climate crisis deepens."
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Tattered Teddies: Q&A with Photographer Mark Nixon on Much Loved's Stuffed Companions Loved to Pieces

All Images Courtesy of Mark Nixon
Ted (left) belongs to Helen Lyons and is 24. Patsy, 7, belongs to Tom McLoughlin and his son.

They have been with us through it all. They protected us from monsters under the bed and cuddled with us when we were afraid of thunderstorms. They were our best friend and we vowed that nothing would ever separate us.

We are, of course, talking about our teddy bears and other stuffed companions, that over the years, dealt with our abuses of love and affection as we navigated the journey of growing up and discovering the world and ourselves. But what happened to them?


If your teddy is currently in storage at your parents' house, you may feel like digging him (or her) out after seeing the new book from Irish photographer Mark Nixon. As the photographer himself states, these childhood friends have been "loved to bits."

Nixon's Much Loved, released last month through Abrams Image Publishing, displays tattered teddies with a small story about them. The 65 portraits illicit a wide form of reactions from euphoric awing to scoffing and squirming disgust. The ages of the teddy bears range from a few months to some being decades old (the oldest is about 104 years old). There are even celebrity bears belonging to the likes of U2's Bono and Irish radio personality Gerry Ryan.

SF Weekly had the chance to talk with Nixon, who lives in Dublin, about his inspiration of the project, deep, metaphorical interpretations of these images, and the entire culture and childhood importance of the teddy bear. Scroll through the interview to see a sampling of the photos.

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Top 10 Halloween Pet Costumes of 2013

This year's pet costumes are out of this galaxy in cuteness!
While dressing up humans for this time of year can prove to be either spooky or silly, our companions in the animal kingdom can get away with almost anything. From being able to pull off looks so deliciously edible to our favorite films and music stars, these looks may look trite on us, but go to a whole other level of cuteness once our four-legged friends strut their stuff. So take a look and be prepared: Can you get through this post without saying "awwwww" or "ERMAGAWD?"

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Lil Bub is Coming to San Francisco: Meet the Famous Cat

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Lil Bub is a rags-to-riches cat

Like every good American Dream story, Lil Bub's life started out in a small town with little chance of making it big. Born the runt of a litter in a tool shed in Indiana, she wasn't only the smallest, she was a "perma-kitten," which means she'll stay the size of a kitten her entire life. As cute as that sounds, she also has an assortment of physical abnormalities (a couple very obvious ones are in photo above).

But these physical limitations of cat-dwarfism didn't keep her from becoming famous -- she has a book, a television show and movie. Heck, she's at the top of A-list animal stars -- rubbing shoulders with the likes of Boo and Grumpy Cat. But she's not just hobnobbing with the rich and famous, she's also an advocate for homeless and special needs pets.

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The Man Who had Sex with a Dolphin Writes a Book About His Childhood

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Malcolm J. Brenner, the internet sensation who had sex with a dolphin (and wrote a book about it called Wet Goddess: Recollections of a Dolphin Lover), is attempting to crowdfund the printing of his second book, Growing Up In The Orgone Box: Secrets Of A Reichian Childhood.

The second book, which serves as a 336-page explanation for the first, details the strange and tragic events of Brenner's childhood.

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Shark Week: Great White Spotted in the Bay & California Academy of Sciences Provides Shark Footage Online

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California Academy of Sciences

Sharks. It's not just you, they're everywhere lately. From "Sharknado" to the Discovery Channel's Shark Week; and now, the California Academy of Sciences is getting in on the action, but you won't need a bigger boat to observe these predators.

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