Do-Good Huggers Hit Downtown S.F. for HugFest 2014

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Don't Hug Me, Bro!

Whether you're a hug enthusiast or the polar opposite, we here at SF Weekly felt it was our public service to inform warn you downtowners that Market Street Plaza is to be overturned by do-good huggers, Thursday, March 20 at 11 a.m.

Action For Happiness, a movement for positive social change, sets sights on spreading joy through free hugs. The group is increasing in numbers, and -- as aforementioned -- they plan to hit Market Street Plaza, during lunch hour, in full force. Action For Happiness created Eventbrite and Facebook pages for their campaign, which they have dubbed "HugFest 2014," where you can sign up to participate, buy swag, or make donations.

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Q&A: Nigel Barker Discusses Selfies, Supermodels & His Latest Photo Collection

Jonathan Ramos' iPhone
Nigel Barker demonstrates the art of selfles.

Selfie reigns supreme this week after Oxford Dictionary named it the word of the year. However, Nigel Barker had a different word in mind when he presented his latest photo collection to a packed house last night at the pop-up shop: accessibility.

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National Coming Out Day: San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Invites You to Come Out

Gay Men's Chorus of San Francisco

Closets tend to be dark and cramped spaces, and unless you have a coveted walk-in like Liberace or Carrie Bradshaw, there's very little room for excess baggage -- and sometimes it just needs to come out.

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Neighbor Reminds Us There Are Good People Out There -- And to Move the Car

Categories: Advice


Anyone who has ever moved to San Francisco and brought their car along has undoubtedly received a parking ticket or street sweeping ticket -- it's almost a rite of passage. Some of us have even stood outside on a foggy morning (already late for work) and wondered -- was our car stolen or towed?

One person is showing some neighborly love by reminding drivers of when it's street sweeping.

So if you've managed to hang on to your car while being a city dweller, just a reminder to check out when your street sweeping schedule is.

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Selfie Addiction: There's an App for That


There really is an app for everything these days -- and this one wants to help you avoid tweeting or Facebooking embarrassing selfies. Just refrain from pointing a camera at yourself while making duck lips? Apparently, that's not enough.

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San Francisco's Top 10 Dates Under $20


Here's the thing about living in the city: You get what you pay for. Gorgeous views, international cuisine, indulgent liberalism, and adorable alleyways do not come cheap. Unfortunately for our wallets and genitals, dating tends to work the same way. Whether you're looking for love or simply trying to get your girlfriend out of her sweats, here are our recommendations for the best cheap dates in S.F. to seduce your luvah without breaking the bank (or coming off as a cheapskate).

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Ninja, Guru, Maven ... The Most Appalling Social Media Titles Ranked

The good folks over at Ad Age have been tracking the number of self-proclaimed social media "gurus," "ninjas," "whores," (seriously), "mavens," and other barftastic titles since 2009. Not only have these titles not gone away, they've grown exponentially in the last few years, from a mere 16,000 to 181,000.

Here are the most popular (awful) social media names people are calling themselves on Twitter:

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The Sweet Spot: How to Break Up with Your BFF

Categories: Advice, Commentary

‚ÄčThe BFF. Most of us have had at least one. It is a relationship that can be more intimate and enduring than even our most dramatic of romances. But sadly, forever doesn't exist. All too often, that friend we once ran to so joyfully becomes the friend we have to break up with. But unlike the other two corners of that holy trinity of love, family and partners, there is no accepted ritual for severing a friendship.

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Preventing Bicycle Theft: Tips Every Cyclist Should Know


Bike theft is a constant problem in San Francisco, and while more and more people are traveling and commuting by bike, many of them still don't know how to lock their bikes safely and securely. According to the SFPD, bicycle thefts are "crimes of opportunity," and "a thief's worst enemies are time, light, and noise." This means that if you are knowledgeable, aware, and prepared for locking your bike safely and correctly, you'll never have to worry about losing it.

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San Francisco Bike Coalition Gives Out Free Lights for Cyclists

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47 Things We Learned in 2012 that We Really Need to Remember for 2013

Thumbnail image for mo riza.jpg
Mo Riza/Flickr

Arts and culture editor Anna Pulley and freelance writer Jamie McKenzie like to learn things the hard way. While this is not the best life strategy, it does come in handy when making end of year lists. Here's our advice for being a better artist, drinker, lover, writer, consumer, friend, and Twitterer in the coming year.

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