Tourism for Locals: Golden Gate Park is Where the Buffalo Roam

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Bison in the Mist

If one listens to the opening lyrics of the famous Western tune "Home on the Range," you'd think that to find a place where the buffalo roam would be somewhere along the Great Plains of Kansas or Oklahoma.

Well, the state song of Kansas totally got it wrong when it came to San Francisco because the massive beasts with shaggy, brown heavy course fur, short horns, and can weight anywhere between 700 to 2,200 pounds have a home in our urban jungle -- in Golden Gate Park of all places.

Totally gives a new meaning to the phrase "Welcome to the West."

Also, fun fact: it's bison, not buffalo.

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Pier 39 Sea Lions Celebrate a Milestone by Laying Around and Barking

Beth LaBerge
Sea lions hard at work
What do tourists and sea lions have in common? They arrive in droves to claim Pier 39 as their own.

Just when you thought a group of 850-pound 6-foot-long slippery mammals couldn't get any bigger, (the sea lions, not the tourists...) Aquarium of the Bay and Pier 39 announced that today marks the grand opening of the Sea Lion Center, a kick-off event for the 24th anniversary of the sea lions arrival to Pier 39.

The Sea Lion Center overlooks Pier 39's K-Dock, where the sea lions have called dibs and declared home since 1990, shortly after the Loma Prieta Earthquake.

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10 Funny Halloween Costumes -- for Pets

Categories: animals
doggie banana.jpg

While we're sure you're super busy getting together your Sexy Bert and Ernie costume for this week, don't forget about your pups -- after all, in our experience, San Francisco pets love to join us on our nightlife escapades, and Halloween is no different. Every other day might be a Gaga day, but here are some other canine and kitty costume ideas from Petco to mix it up for the the city's favorite holiday. Wonder what Boo's gonna wear?

10. Orange you glad

Dressing your dog as a hot dog? Yawn. So mid-90s. We far prefer this banana costume, which is both less obvious and has greater conversational potential -- not to mention potassium! What San Franciscan doesn't want an excuse to talk to you about their latest smoothie detox? None.

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Top 10 "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

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Photo of the Day: Man's Best Friend

Christopher Victorio

Lookit that face! Is this a Shar Pei?

From Alice 97.3 Summerthing in Golden Gate Park.

The Gold Fish -- A One-Act Musical with Gambling Salmon

the goldfish.jpg
On the set of The Gold Fish at Theater Yugen in San Francisco.

Pure liberation in the arts lies in the affirmation that it doesn't take much to give a wild Pollock of a play a sudden esoteric urgency. Why should we go see go see a one-act musical about a salmon in a casino? It's a metaphor.

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Bow Wow Ooh Ra Ra: Club Night for Dogs with "Doggie Gaga" Photographer

doggie gage.jpg
Jesse Freidin Photographer

If your weekend partying still starts on Fridays (Whatcha doin' tonight, Old Man River? Catching the new How I Met Your Mother?), we'd like to extend the invitation to come out tonight, cling on to your youth, and let loose a little -- doggie style.

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