I'm On A Boat: Renting San Francisco Catamarans, Yachts & More

What About Bob/SNL/YouTube
Sailing or yachting? It's your call!

First it was apartments, and now you can rent someone's boat that's docked in San Francisco.

We just discovered Boatbound, a San Francisco-based boat rental company that runs like AirBnB/VRBO -- San Francisco sailors rent out their yachts, catamarans (and we even saw a kayak!) to land goers. Many come with a certified captain, while others require you know some basic boating skills (Don't know what port and starboard are? Us either!).

We've never been on anything but a ferry across the bay, but we're open to yachting -- clinking some champagne flutes and pretending to live the high life while anchored near Tiburon. Although, we may end up more like Bob (I'm sailing! I'm sailing!).

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Jordan Buck
Jordan Buck

Lali D. Singh -- Blaque thong, stunna shades and a captains hat. Tea and Pickles need hats too, the seafaring beagle buddies.

Lali D. Singh
Lali D. Singh

Jordan , if dogs can come on the boat, then hell yeah! I'll wear my blaque thong

Jordan Buck
Jordan Buck

Lali D. Singh -- I can has boat? Let's rent a fuckin yacht.

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